Sunday, March 12, 2023

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Hi Everyone!  

A relatively quiet week here.  I finished two books and caught up on my TV shows.

I was hoping to watch all the Oscar nominated movies before the award show, but that didn't happen.  The only one I watched was Top Gun and I don't think that's the one that will be winning (although I liked it).  I want to especially watch Everything Everywhere All At Once.  That looks good.  

It's Daylight Savings Time here.  When you are retired, losing an hour of sleep doesn't seem like such a big deal anymore.  LOL 

So, how was your week?  Anything exciting going on?  Have you watched any of the Oscar nominated movies?

Hope you all have a great upcoming week!

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Here are this week's Kindle freebie haul. They were freebies when I got them, I don't know if they still are. Always make sure to check they are still free before buying. The prices change quickly.  


  1. Looks like you have some fun books ahead of you! Have a terrific week.
    Terrie @ Bookshelf Journeys

  2. I have never been an Oscar person, usually I never care for the movies nominated. :) So haven't watched any of them. I don't even watch the show any more.
    I will lose sleep for that extra daylight any time!

    Have a great week and happy reading!
    Week in Review

  3. Love the recs. I keep telling myself that I'm going to start listening to books on audio again-today will be the week, You can guarantee it. I think I would have loved to listen to this book I I picked up "The Last Housewife" on audio.

  4. I don't think I've seen any of the Oscar movies. Watching them all does seem like a fun project though. I hope you have a great week!

  5. You are right. It's much easier to cope with Daylight Savings as a retiree than it was when I was working. It was even harder when I was a young mother.

    I haven't seen any of the Oscar-nominated movies (though I did see Elvis, and it was probably nominated for something). I've been waiting to see the new Top Gun until I see the old Top Gun for the first time.

  6. Everything Everywhere All At Once is odd but also very good. I loved Maverick too. They are the only ones I’ve seen so far though.

    Wishing you a great reading week

  7. I honestly don't watch the Oscars at all, but I do watch the movies that are nominated.

    Here’s my Sunday Post

    Rabbit Ears Book Blog: WORLD’S WEIRDEST BOOK BLOG!

  8. I haven't been up to date with the Oscar movies in years Yvonne!
    I also liked Top Gun, and perhaps it will take one or two unexpected nominees.
    I lik the look of Vera Wong, seems like a good read.

    Happy reading this week!

    Elza Reads

  9. I don't watch the Oscars but did print out the list. I've only watched a few so far.

  10. Time change is kicking my tail today. I am already ready for bed, LOL! I am wiped out. I hope you have a great week!

  11. Daylight savings time crept up on me this time! I almost forgot! I haven't seen any of the nominated movies I don't think except Top Gun...

  12. Steeped to Death looks good. I want to see the Elvis movie. XO

  13. Our changeover of time doesn't come until the end of the month or beginning of April. While its just an hour it does throw us for awhile as we adjust.

  14. Right? I'm not too concerned about Daylight Savings Time either! :) Looks like you are reading cozy mysteries this week with a few romance novels as well. I just love the covers on cozy mysteries! Happy reading this week!

  15. Top Gun: Maverick was the only Best Picture nominee I saw, too, and I also really liked it. I'll eventually watch The Fabelmans and Avatar 2: The Way of Water. Have a great week! :-)

  16. I can't tell you when I last saw a movie making the Oscars a non-event for me. If they give Oscars for baseball games, I'll watch. I feel the same way you do about Daylight Savings time. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  17. I didn't watch any Oscar movies but my husband loved Top Gun. I hope I get better about losing the hour of sleep. Today I feel like I'm moving in slow motion! Have a great week!

  18. I don't mind Daylight Savings Time. It's nice when it is lighter in the evenings.

    Your books sounds good. Enjoy your Kindle freebie haul.


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