Saturday, March 7, 2009

Business in the Bedroom by Anne Oliver

Harlequin Presents #2770
October 2008

Genre: Romance

Abby Seymour is very excited about the new business she is planning to open in Australia. It is her dream to start her own massage therapy company and earn enough money to move her foster mother closer to her so that she can take care of her after she suffers from a stroke. She loves the woman dearly and wants to do this without any help from anyone. However, when she goes to her new office ready to set things up, she finds out that she has been swindled. The owner of the office knows nothing about her or her company. Abby is out all that money!

Widower Zak Forrester still feels guilt over his wife’s tragic death. The last thing he wants is any kind of romantic involvement, but when he learns of Abby’s plight, he’s determined to play her Prince Charming. He offers to rent her the office on a trial basis, but it quickly becomes more than business for both of them.

This was a light read with likeable characters. It was fast-paced and a nice way to spend a snowy weekend. This is the first book I’ve read by this author, but I will keep any eye open for more work by her.

For Reading Challenge: Harlequin Silhouette Reading Challenge

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