Thursday, March 11, 2010

Booking through Thursday - Illustrious

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This week's questions...

How do you feel about illustrations in your books? Graphs? Photos? Sketches?

My answer...

They don't bother me. If it fits in with the book, that's fine. Sometimes when I read Rita Mae Brown's Mrs. Murphy series there are sketches of the cats depicting a scene from the book. In that case, it's kind of cute. It's not necessary, but it's cute. I can't think of anything else that I read that has illustrations in books.

funny pictures of cats with captions
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  1. Just found a book printed in 1944 with illustrations and dreaings by the author - a travel memoir through Oxford, England by a Chinese student. I love the illustrations. They add so much to the book!

    Catch my funny picture on Wortdless Wednesday, Wordless Wednesday - love your cat sleeping on the stuffed fish!

  2. Ah, yes, I love those illustrations in the Mrs. Murphy books. You're right, they're not necessary, but I think they add a lot to my enjoyment of her books.

  3. love books with maps in them

    Here's my answer

  4. I am with Barbara, I like maps, especially in fantasy novels.

    Love the picture.

  5. The one Rita Mae Brown book from that series I read rubbed me the wrong way but it was the talking animals that did me in, not the illustrations. My answer is here.


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