Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A-Z Wednesday

This is a fun meme hosted by Reading at the Beach

Welcome to A-Z Wednesday!!

To join, here's all you have to do: Go to your stack of books and find one whose title starts with the letter of the week.


1~ a photo of the book

2~ title and synopsis

3~ link(amazon, barnes and noble etc.)

4~ Come back here and leave your link in the comments.

If you've already reviewed this book you can add it also.

Be sure to visit other participants to see what book they have posted and leave them a comment.

(We all love comments, don't we?)

Who knows? You may find your next "favorite" book.


My book this week is........


When the local celebrity, Scarlett Flemming, dies, Vicky learns of Scarlett's shaky finances - and marriage. While canvassing an entire town of suspects and juggling three eligible suitors, she must stay one step ahead of a killer once she realizes she's no longer writing an obituary, but an expose!


  1. First time seeing this book! Thanks for playing!

  2. Those snails are gross! Sound like an exciting read. Here is my "E" book.

  3. I have got a blog award for you here:

  4. This sounds like an amusing little read.

  5. hi!i just found your blog and like have a new follower now =)

  6. Wow! This looks like an intriguing the cover!

    Mine is here:

  7. funny. Has me wondering how they fit in the book.

  8. Wondering what the snails have to do with the story. A great "teaser" cover.

  9. Sounds like a fun read. I'll have to check out this series.

  10. Lots of mystery :E: books today.

  11. Hi, just wanted to say love your blog! I"m a new follower!

  12. Interesting concept. thanks for playing.


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