Friday, March 26, 2010

Worst Case by James Patterson

Wealthy college students are being kidnapped, tortured and left for dead in New York City. Detective Michael Bennett is called in to lead the investigation with the assistance of FBI Agent Emily Parker. Together, they try to figure out who is behind this diabolical plot and how to stop them before more innocent kids are killed.

Meanwhile, the kidnapper is having fun leading Mike and Emily on a wild good chase around the city. He has no intentions of stopping until his mission is complete. Toss in a little romance between Emily and Mike and this story has everything a suspense lover like me can want.

The story takes numerous twists and turns along the way. It all leads to one explosive ending that will leave reading shaking their heads in shock.

I’m a huge James Patterson fan and he never disappoints me. This book is no exception. I listened to the audio version and it kept me at the edge of my car seat through the entire book. Talk about captivating, this book is that and more. I couldn’t stop listening to this one. I wanted it to keep going and never end.

There are two books before this one which features Michael Bennett. I have the first, but haven’t read it yet. It doesn’t seem to matter though. I was still able to enjoy this riveting book without reading the first two in the series. I love the character of Michael Bennett and this has the potential of being a long term series of books ala Alex Cross.

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  1. I like Michael Bennett too. Have this one on my request list.

  2. I still havent read him, but must one day.
    great review :)


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