Friday, March 19, 2010

Double Play by Jill Shalvis

Genre: Romance

The star baseball pitcher for the Pacific Heat is facing the possible end of his career. Pace Martin is desperately hoping his injury isn’t permanent. Pace and the team are trying to keep the degree of seriousness out of the press. When the team’s public relations department insists he do an interview with Holly Hutchins, he’s less than pleased with her questions. That doesn’t stop him from being very attracted to the beautiful reporter.

Holly Hutchins suspects all is not as it seems with the Pacific Heat. She’s assigned to do a series of articles about the team and she plans to do the job right. She might find herself falling wildly in love with Pace, but she’s determined not to hold back the truths she uncovers. Even if that means hurting the one man she never wants to hurt.

Amidst injuries, drugs and betrayal, Pace and Holly somehow grow closer despite their attempts to fight their attraction.

As a baseball fan, I love to read a baseball romance before the season officially starts. This was a good choice for me since its been a long time since I read a Jill Shalvis book and I always love her writing. This is no exception. I love the characters in this book. They are colorful characters readers will find themselves caring about. Even the secondary ones come to life.

There’s a second book called Slow Heat which was released about a month ago and, of course, it’s already in my TBR.

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  1. Oh good! I'll look forward to reading this : )

  2. Sounds good, I could read this :)

  3. My daughter is a huge baseball fan and would love this one.


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