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Anything Goes on Saturday - Bookstores

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My topic this week is bookstores and how they seem to be a dying breed. It was announced this week that Borders was going to file for Chapter 11 and close many of their stores. That's terribly sad. I do alot of downloading ebooks these days but that's just in recent months. Before that, I bought tons of books from both Borders and Barnes & Noble. We, also, used to have a Waldens and B. Dalton in our local mall, but those both closed awhile ago.

I know alot of us order online - let's face it, sometimes it's just easier than rushing to the store and some people don't live near bookstores and have no choice but to use places like Amazon or Borders/B&N's online stores.

The other thing is - I also used to buy a lot from stores like WalMart and Target. Honestly, their prices couldn't be beat by the major bookstores, but I couldn't always find what I was looking for from them either. The discount stores didn't carry cozies around here and those are a favorite genre of mine so I had to get them from the major bookstore chains.

Now, since I'm downloading ebooks - I get those from B&N, Kobo, Fictionwise, etc. I do go to B&N on my lunch hour everyday (since it's right across the street and is a huge superstore) and read my Nook (I'm usually downloading books in the store, too, so I am spending money there - just not waiting on line to do it).

It seems as if the economy is hurting the book industry. I'm guessing alot of people can't afford to spend alot on books and use places like the library, used bookstores and sites like PaperbackSwap. We all have to do what is best for our own pocket.

So, where do you get your books? Are you even living near a bookstore? Or has online (print or ebooks) been the way you go?

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  1. I can't remember the last time I bought a book in a store. All books, EBooks and print is purchased online. Price is another reason. HC costs, in this economy at bookstores, in my opinion, is overpriced.

  2. I have no choice really. We have 1 bookstore in town, and they do have some English book. But not those I want. For example, almost no historical fiction, no historical romance at all. no urban fantasy. 1 or 2 fantasy books, and the same with paranormal.

    Online is all I can do

  3. I know it is sad..

    I have been ordering online for the past 4 years; swapping books with friends or just resorting to the library. It is just so much more convenient.

  4. Well, I have really started buying ebooks for my Nook. I guess buying is kind of a strong word though--I usually try to take advantage of their freebies. As far as hard copy books go, I don't go to B&N very often because if I do I know I will spend a ton of money! I frequent thrift stores and my favorite used book store here in my home town as well. I am trying to watch my money these days. On another note, I have heard people say that ereaders are going to be the downfall of the hard copy book. I really hope not! I love my Nook, but I also REALLY love the feel, smell, etc of a book in my hand. Sorry to ramble, but wanted to get out all my thoughts! LOL

  5. I like to browse used book stores. I don't go for online buying. It costs me more.

    I have not really thought of going for an e-reader. It is yet to get popular in India and prices are Too high as of now. I would rather wait and watch.

  6. For me personally, I can't stand the idea of owning an e-reader. So I still buy all of my books in paper copy. Some I get online - if I can't find them in store, but I do love to go to the bookstore. I'm sad to see Borders filing for Ch 11 because they are my favorite store. I grew up with them being the only bookstore around me and I really can't stand B&N (although that is all that is around me these days). I will continue to buy physical copies of books for as long as they are around.

  7. Unless I have an urgent need for a book, I almost always purchase from Amazon. It's hard to justify going to an actual book store and paying for one hardcover book when I can buy two books for the same price on Amazon. They're typically a lot cheaper, have nearly everything I could ever want, and since they do that free shipping thing on orders over $25, it's hard to pass it up.

    The other problem with a physical book store is that I tend to walk out with more than I intended. I don't do that when I shop online, for some reason. So buying online is saving me money all around!

  8. The closest bookstore to me is Borders and I hope it doesn't close. It's fairly new, so maybe it stands a chance.

    I also shop at used bookstores and flea markets. I've found some "like new" books there for only a few dollars per hardcover, less if buying more than one.

  9. Most of the books I read come from the library. However, when I do buy books it is from my local Indy store. They have a wide selection and can get what I am looking for in a matter of days.

  10. I think there are a few reasons for the demise of Borders.
    One of them being what you had mentioned about people downloading books onto Kindles and Nooks (which I am sorry I STILL can't wrap my head around reading a book without holding the book in my hands, unless maybe if I were traveling)
    In the case of Borders I think another reason is the rapid decine of their customer service. There was a time when Borders was my "go to" for books, I wouldn't even consider B&N because Borders was unsurpassed in customer service.
    Not so in recent years. They did away with their coffee area in many of their stores and once last summer they literally CHASED my husband down the street by their flagship store on Orchard Lake Rd for...ready for this? Reading a newspaper in their store and not folding it correctly when he left! My husband used to practically shop there daily because we live right next door and he is a book freak.
    Their attitude became cocky and arrogant and the environment was no longer a pleasant one. I had left them for B&N over 2 years ago.
    Borders in my book (pun intended) is somewhat responsible for their own demise.


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