Thursday, February 10, 2011

Enquiring Minds Want to Know - Week 24

This is a "new-to-me" meme I stumbled on at Gigi Ann's My Reading Corner. It looks like fun, so this is my first time posting on it. This meme is hosted by Dollycas's Thoughts.

This feature will be open from Thursday at 12:01 A.M. and close on Monday at 11:59 P.M. to allow those that want to participate over the weekend the opportunity to do so when they have more time. So you may want to check back on Tuesday or check the previous week's link on Thursday to view everyone's answers.


1. Did you watch the Super Bowl? If yes, which part did you like the best, the game, the halftime show, the commercials and did you notice the mistake made with the National Anthem?

Yes and no. We're not into football, but my husband wanted to watch. I didn't really pay attention. I was busy blogging :) So, I didn't notice anything. Of course now I've seen it everywhere so I certainly know about it now.

2. I joined a new meme this week called "Monday's Music Moves Me", this month's theme is love songs, Do you have a favorite love song?

I guess I'd have to say Suddenly by Billy Ocean since that was the song we chose for our wedding.

3. How many blog challenges have you entered this year?

Oh, must you ask??? I joined 13 and I'm hosting 6. Yikes! I'm challenge addicted (yes, I joined that too - LOL)


  1. I didn't watch the Super Bowl either, although the husband watched it, I stayed in My Reading Corner and read a good book.

    I'm looking forward to being a part of the Animal Reading Book challenge, coming up in March. I already have my pile of animal books waiting to be read. Since I love books about animals, I know I will enjoy this challenge.

  2. OK, I JUST HAVE TO STOP JOINED 13 + HOSTING 6!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would need serious therapy. Thank God for the Book Challenge Addict Support Challenge we can survive. lol

    Hope to see you next week!!!


  3. I just checked out your Animal Challenge that Gigi mentioned, may be adding another challenge to me list.

    SHHHH, Don't tell anyone. lol

  4. What a fun/funny meme/post! :)


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