Saturday, February 19, 2011

Capable of Murder by Brian Kavanagh

Genre: Mystery
Publisher: BeWrite Books
Release Date: December 2010
Format: EBook

Belinda Lawrence is summoned to England by her great aunt Jane. Leaving her home in Australia behind, Belinda heads to the small English village but she is shocked beyond belief to discover her aunt’s dead body. The police insist it was an accident, but Belinda isn’t buying it. She’s convinced someone murdered her aunt and she intends to find out who that person is.

When Belinda learns she is the sole heir to Jane’s home and belongings, she suddenly finds herself in danger. First, the home she inherits from her aunt is broken into and vandalized, then her own life is threatened. She also finds herself involved with two very handsome men, but she doubts their motives. Are they truly interested in her or are they more interested in her inheritance?

This is the perfect cozy mystery. It has everything from a curious heroine, to a small English village, to a mysterious old house and two men trying to be heroes to our heroine. This is the first Belinda Lawrence and hopefully there are many more to come. Three others have already been written and I will eventually be reviewing those as well.

I loved that this was set in a small English village. It’s been a long time since I read one with this setting and it made me feel like I was right there in that village. It was a warm, cozy feeling.

The author gave us an amazing cast of characters. Belinda is the type of heroine that will be beloved and leave readers wondering what’s happening to her next. I know I will be.

This book had the feel of a mystery along the lines of Agatha Christie. There were many twists and turns leaving readers guessing right along with Belinda. It was fast-paced leaving me wanting more.

Since I loved this so much and it reminded me so much of older beloved mysteries that I'm giving it a Socrates' Great Book Alert Award.

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  1. sounds fantastic, especially since you gave it your Great Book Alert.

  2. Gonna have to add this one to my TBR list! Thanks for sharing....

  3. Wow, I was waiting on your review for this. A great book .. I so need this one.

  4. 5 kitties always gets my attention!


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