Saturday, February 12, 2011

Anything Goes on Saturday - Changing Reading Tastes

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My topic this week is changes in reading tastes. Have you ever thought about the types of books you used to read as compared to the ones you read now? I don't mean childhood vs adulthood books as those obviously are different, but I mean books you might have read a decade or so ago as compared to the ones you read today.

I've always loved Harlequin Romances, but they've sure come a long way from when I first started to read them in high school (which would have been late 1970's. Back then, the romances were always sweet and, more often than not, featured doctor/nurse type of relationships - rarely was the woman ever the doctor, most times she was the nurse. Here are a few covers from those days...

Today, Harlequin offers a wide variety of sub-genres in their romances from sweet romances to hot romances to mystery to suspense, etc. etc. There's something for all tastes. My tastes were always the sweet romances, but now I find I need something with more of a plot to it - something more than boy meets girl, falls in love and rides off into the sunset together. Quite often I read books that don't even have a happy ending.

I, also, seem to be reading single titles, women's fiction, paranormals, and thrillers/suspense more than Harlequins. I don't even mind gore or being scared by a good book.

For me, I've gone from sweet Harlequin Romances to stories with a bit more meat to them. The bigger the plot, the happier I am.

How have your tastes changed?


  1. I have always been a mystery/suspense fan but am slowly, very slowly coming out of my comfort zone with some memoirs, bios, chick lits. I know the paranormal genre will never interest me.

  2. I think it would be more accurate for me to say that my tastes have expanded rather than changed. I still read romances, mysteries and science fiction but have made more room for the whole paranormal thing with vampires, werewolves, faeries and angels too.

  3. I read the historical ones like crazy I have read so many Barbara Cartland books! They all had big men who were a bit scary and 18 year old women and the man could put his hands around his, that was always so amusing

  4. I never read the old Harlequins. I always enjoyed dramas, I guess we would call them women's fiction. Thrillers are a genre I enjoy. Something I have started reading just recently is some YA which I never would have thought I would enjoy, but some of them are really good....

  5. Hmmm. . .interesting topic. I'm not sure that my tastes have changed all that much, except that they may be more eclectic now. :)

  6. I probably read some of those! I used to sneek them out of my Grandma's house thinking I was going to read something racey! LOL


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