Friday, February 4, 2011

Blog Tour: How Sweet It Is by Sophie Gunn - Five Fun Facts!

Five Fun Facts

1. Small-town America, one love story at a time sums up how Sophie thinks about her books. You might notice, though, that she packed two love stories into How Sweet It Is. Still, she’s not changing her motto. She’s very stubborn that way.

2. Sophie loves birds, but she loves cats more. This doesn’t work out so well for the birds. So having a yard full of bird feeders like Lizzie does in How Sweet It Is is one of Sophie’s impossible fantasies.

3. Another of Sophie’s impossible fantasies is a man who can fix things, like Tay, the hero of How Sweet It Is. Unfortunately, Sophie married a professor who thinks that a burnt-out lightbulb means it’s time to move to a new house. Aren’t romance novels wonderful? Sophie’s heroine can have it all!

4. The original, working title for How Sweet It Is was The Enemy Club.

5. The Enemy Club in How Sweet It Is consists of four women who were the worst of enemies in high school, but are now the best of friends. Five years ago, Sophie moved back to the town she grew up in. Coincidence? (Check out for the full scoop!)

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  1. Love these facts! I am now friends with a girl that I did not like in high school (she did not like me either).


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