Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Wishing Hour by Jewel Adams

Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Format: EBook
Publisher: Jewel of the West
Release Date: December 2010

Celine Anderson lives a normal life. She’s a loner with the only company being her cat, Henry. Her parents died and she has no siblings, so she’s truly on her own. Then a sexy immortal enters her life and nothing is ever normal again.

Sebastian’s mission is to protect Celine. He takes her to another land, Challis. A place where people are truly at peace and happy. Celine discovers that she is the Woman of Prophecy who must give birth to the Golden Child. Sebastian has been chosen to be her mate and their love continues to grow as they take this journey together.

However, there are evil beings out in the world who are determined to stop them. If Sebastian cannot save Celine, their peaceful world will come crashing down upon them and all the citizens of Challis.

This is a contemporary romance with fantasy, mystery and adventure all rolled into one absolutely delightful story. Readers will fall in love with these beautiful characters. Celine and Sebastian will touch everyone’s heart and grab onto it.

Fantasy stories are usually hit or miss with me and this was a definite hit! I was totally captivated and swept into the world of Challis (wishing there truly was such a place). The main characters are truly good people that you can both sympathize with and cheer for. This is definitely an author I intend to watch out for.

When a story moves me this much (I honestly did not want to see it end), then it gets my Socrates Great Book Alert Award 

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  1. How awesome! I love it when a book totally absorbs you.....

  2. Sounds weird..and good :D And I'd read it

  3. I'm so glad you liked it, Yvonne!
    I appreciate you taking the time to review it. Thanks for your support:-)

  4. This sounds really good. I've got to add it to my to-read list! Thanks for the review.


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