Saturday, February 26, 2011

Anything Goes on Saturday - Why Blog?

This is a new meme called "Anything Goes on Saturday". It's a chance to choose any topic you want and talk about it on Saturday - it can be about a book, TV show, movie, a recipe or just an update on your week. Whatever you choose.

If you'd like to join in, take the button above and blog about it. Use the linky below to post your direct link to your post. Then, go and visit other blogs and see what's on everyone's minds this week. Enjoy!

This week I'm wondering why does everyone blog? What makes us all do this?

The thing I like is that I'm able to meet people with similar interests to mine and I can discuss them with others. I don't know many people in my "real life" who read and enjoy it as much as I do. Plus I have other interests like cats, movies, TV and blogging gives me a chance to meet others with these interests.

I love meeting new people and reading about everyone's lives and places where they live and travel. It's an exciting world out there and I love reading about it.

Blogging has given me a chance to meet wonderful new people (yes, I'm talking to you!!! LOL). This has been a fun experience and hopefully it continues for many more years to come.

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  1. Same with me. I do not know anyone whop reads as much as I do. Gotta lvoe blogging :D

  2. I blog to keep a record of what I am reading and to join in the community.
    My blog is expanding nicely.

    My family do not understand and I am sure they switch off when I mention books or blogging. :)

  3. I blog for my own entertainment. Each of my blogs has it's own theme.

  4. I have no readers in my family.. None! Infact my better half spends a considerable amount of time arguing with me on why people read or blog :) My sister picks up a book to fall asleep (and no! I am not joking) :)

    Blogging allows me to switch off from the physical world and meet people who understand what it is to read books :)

  5. At first, I thought that this was a great way to discuss thougts about books read since nobody around me reads. Then the more involved I became, the more fun I was having plus meeting the nicest people still amaze me. And for me, I think it has helped me get through some rough times, something that makes me happy, something to look forward to each day. :)

  6. Blogging has opened up a new world for me. I am always learning new things via the blog world!

    Here is my Anything Goes On Saturday post!

  7. I started mine as a way to keep track of what I read as well and it morphed into what it is now, a lot of fun.

  8. awwww...cute cat.
    I enjoy meeting new people with similar interests through blogging as well. Plus, my blog is like my diary.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Yvonne, it sounds like you blog mostly for social reasons. Blogging is another form of social networking. :)


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