Thursday, May 2, 2013

Booking Through Thursday - Other Hobbies

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This week's question...

What’s your favorite hobby OTHER THAN reading?

My answer...

Yes, I love watching movies and that a hobby? It takes time from my reading so I'm going to say yes :) Also, blogging and doing computer stuff online.

I also like to collect things like Barbies, I Love Lucy stuff, cat stuff and teddy bears.

Now, if I just had time to do everything I like.


  1. There's never enough time to do all we like to do. :)

    Tosh @ Quite Bookish

  2. Ah, we're on a similar wavelength! I love movies, collecting...and I have a few

    Here's MY BTT POST

  3. I love movies and while I don't collect them anymore I used to have a rather large barbie collection. I collected the movie, holiday and around the world barbies.

  4. Knitting is my other hobby and watching tv :) But I do them together so I can feel like I'm getting something done.

  5. Love to go to the movies.

  6. I have many of the same hobbies as you, and a few collections of my own (such as cows)!

  7. Movies and TV are favorites of mine also :)

  8. I like watching movies too, but my other hobby besides reading is crochet.


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