Monday, May 20, 2013

Musing Mondays - May 20th

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Musing Mondays asks you to muse about one of the following each week…

  • Describe one of your reading habits.
  • Tell us what book(s) you recently bought for yourself or someone else, and why you chose that/those book(s).
  • Tell us what you’re reading right now — what you think of it, so far; why you chose it; what you are (or, aren’t) enjoying it.
  • Tell us what you’re reading right now — what you think of it, so far; why you chose it; what you are (or, aren’t) enjoying it.
  • Do you have a bookish rant? Something about books or reading (or the industry) that gets your ire up? Share it with us!
  • Instead of the above questions, maybe you just want to ramble on about something else pertaining to books -- let's hear it, then! :D

My Musing...

I'm going to do a bit of rambling...I love books that are part of  a series.  That's why I decided to host the "Finishing the Series" reading challenge.  I love all kinds of series from the different cozy mystery series to Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove to James Patterson's Women's Murder Club to Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series.

I so love re-visiting books - especially ones set in small towns - and catching up with characters who have become friends, not just characters in a book.  Watching characters develop from book to book is just so much fun for me.

That's why I was so happy to find the website "FictFact".  They have almost every series, the order they should be read and gives you a chance to keep track of all your favorites.  They will tell you which is the next book that you need to read, what new releases are coming out, etc.  It's great for someone like me who prefers to read books in the order they are released.  It doesn't always happen that way for me if I get a review request along the way, but that's my preference by far.  There have been many times I've gone to this website to see what order books should be read.  More often than not, I find it difficult to find the order of some series.  It's not always in the book and it's not always on the author's website either (which I find odd). 

Anyway, I love series books and I love this website.  What a great idea.  Do any of you belong to it?  The website is FictFact.  If you check it out, look me up and friend me!  My user name over there is Yvonne473.


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