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Promo, Guest Post and Giveaway!: Her Master's Kiss 5 by Vivien Sparx - Release Day!


Six months after the tragic loss of their baby, Renee and Stefan are struggling to hold together their fragile romance. Renee is desperate to return to a lifestyle of BDSM, but Stefan steadfastly refuses.

"We can't go backwards."

"No - but we can come full circle!" Renee pleads.

And so begins Renee's greatest challenge - to convince Stefan that BDSM is essential to their relationship, and the one thing that can save their marriage and rekindle the fires of their passion. With the help of Tink and Master Peter, Renee risks everything she loves to hold on to the man she can't live without.


He dominated her with the kiss, leaving her in no doubt that he was in control and that he would take what he wanted - and that she had no alternative but to submit and please him.
When Stefan broke the kiss at last, he put his hand on Renee’s shoulders and she sank obediently to her knees.

“Position One,” Stefan hissed.

Renee parted her thighs quickly and clasped her hands behind her back. She straightened her back so that her breasts thrust out provocatively through the gap of her blouse, and then she opened her mouth as wide as she could.

Stefan had backed away. He picked up the riding crop from the bedroom floor and swished it once against the thigh of his jeans.

The smoldering flint in Stefan’s eyes had not diminished - had not lost any of its intensity. He prowled around Renee, inspecting her position and then came back to stand before her.
Carefully, he reached out with the riding crop, and set the soft leather pad under Renee’s chin, lifting her face until her eyes were locked on his.

“Don’t dare disappoint me,” he warned. “Remember your training.”

He unbuckled his belt slowly, and unfastened the front of his jeans. When he drew down the zip, the hardness of his erection sprang forward, vaulted and thick and urgent. If Renee’s mouth had not been wide open and waiting, she would have licked her lips.

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Author Bio

As a writer of erotic romance, the beauty of the genre is not in creating lavish settings for my stories.
Nor is my fascination for erotic romance drawn from the opportunity to create handsome heroes and beautiful heroines.

My real love for the genre stems from the opportunity to take my readers on a journey and engage as many of their emotions
as possible.

I believe writing erotic romance gives authors the most influence over how a reader feels as we engage them in our stories.
Writers of action books, or horror books certainly can create compelling situations, but with erotic romance we writers can immerse our readers in a multitude of emotions unprecedented
in any other form of creative fiction.

I can frustrate readers, make them laugh, make them cry, delight them, intrigue them, inform them - erotic fiction is a total emotional experience, and it is gratifying to hear readers respond to stories with passion.

I believe readers want to be engaged and drawn into the pages of a story, and as a writer of erotic romance, we have the greatest opportunity because our stories are always relatable. They may be fictional worlds and fictional characters, but the themes of love and romance and erotica are so universal, and so personal to each of us that we all respond to stories in different ways.
But we all respond.

And that’s the true joy of writing erotic romance. It matters not so much how you respond as you read... it matters only that you do respond. If a writer can engage you and make you feel, then the story’s journey is one well worth taking.

Author Guest Post

Topic: What makes a short BDSM romance effective and why we like them so much

I think, first and foremost, the story has to be good - regardless of the format the author chooses to tell the story.

I write erotic romance stories generally between 20,000 to 45,000 words. I find that I am able to tell the characters stories without the need for pages and pages of trivial information. To me, the story is everything! I don't believe in padding a story in order to make it longer; if it takes 30,000 words to convey the sexy tension, the drama, the emotion and the challenges the characters face, then that is how long the story is.

I do feel there is a legitimate need for shorter erotica. We live busy lives; we never seem to have enough time for anything, balancing work and family responsibilities with our own need to relax and escape. So for that reason alone, shorter erotic romance stories give the reader the opportunity to escape from the every-day without the sense that they need to make a major investment. A thick, weighty book requires commitment from the reader - and that might take several days or weeks to be completed. The shorter erotica format allows me to take someone away to another world and hold their attention, engage their senses, and keep them spellbound right through to a story's completion. In that way, it becomes a bit like a great opposed to a long mini-series!

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