Saturday, May 25, 2013

Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich



Random House

Release Date:
November 2012

Stephanie Plum is back for her 19th book! This time she has to find Geoffrey Cubbin. A man about to go on trial for embezzling. He mysteriously disappears from the hospital after undergoing emergency surgery. She also takes on a side job of escorting Ranger to a wedding and finds herself as a bridesmaid.

This is the last book that's been released in this series. #20 will be coming out in November. I'm actually caught up, what a surprise! This is a series I truly enjoyed listening to although there are things about Stephanie that still bother me. There's juggling two men, which I've already mentioned in my previous reviews. Then, although this isn't Stephanie's fault LOL, the constant blowing up of her cars. It was funny the first couple of times in the earlier books, but now it's just overkill. Nobody can be that unlucky with cars, not even in fiction :)

Overall, I enjoyed the earlier books much more than the later ones. I guess because it was a fresh, new series with new characters. By the time the 19th book rolled around, the characters and storylines were more repetitive than anything else. Will I continue listening to this series? Yes, I can't help myself. Once I've gone this long with a series, I won't stop until the series stops. I love the narration and some of the scenes are still funny. Also, it makes my commute to and from work a bit easier.

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 FTC Disclosure: I took this audio book out from the library for my own enjoyment. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I have the first three, but have not had the time to start them unfortunately :( but I read some of the series here and there and loved it

  2. I know what you mean. If I wasn't listening to the audio in the car, I probably wouldn't have been caught up with this series. There are always other books I would rather read. It's a shame because in the earlier days of these books, I read them as soon as they were released.


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