Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Salon/The Sunday Post - May 19th

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This week I decided to combine Sunday Salon and Sunday Post.  I haven't posted in the Sunday Salon in awhile. 

We're having weird weather - one day it's in the 70's and sunny, the next day it's raining and in the 50's.  I'm a bit behind on my reading again.  This time it's because it's TV's season finale time and I've been watching all my shows.  So many great shows - Survivor, Revenge, Elementary, The Office, Touch... I loved all the episodes. 

Now, I'm hoping to get more reading time in but I still have some summer shows.  One of my favorites coming back - True Blood.  I always love the Sookie Stackhouse books (I have to get the audio of the newest and last release from the library).  The show and the books aren't really the same but I love them both.

I'm hoping that the second half of the year will be more reading for my own enjoyment and not so many blog tours and reviews.  I will still be doing many of them but I want to fit in some reading for myself.  I didn't do that at all during the first half of the year.

I hope everyone has a great reading's what's been happening on my blog this week and what's coming up...

Blog Tours/Spotlights/Reviews/Giveaways 
I Hosted 

Posts This Week

Blog Tours/Hops Coming Up Next Week

Monday:  Book Blitz - The Boy Next Door by Annabelle Costa
Tuesday:  Blog Tour - Lucky Bastard by Deborah Coonts (Review and Giveaway)

What was your week like?

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