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Blog Tour: Iced to Death by Peg Cochran (Review/Guest Post/Giveaway)

About the Book

Genre: Cozy Mystery, #3 in A Gourmet de-lite Mystery Series
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime Mystery
Release Date: March 2014

Synopsis from Goodreads...

Gigi Fitzgerald, owner of Gigi’s Gourmet De-Lite, knows how to put her clients’ cravings on ice. But catching a slippery killer is more of a challenge…

Gigi’s business may be hot, but her home life is leaving her cold. Her sister, Pia, has dropped in for an unannounced visit and, much to Gigi’s chagrin, has immediately fallen for handsome bar owner Declan McQuaid. So when Declan asks Gigi to help him prep for a big engagement party, she’s not only dealing with the heat of the kitchen and her own feelings for Declan, but Pia’s jealousy.

However, Gigi’s rising temperature quickly chills when the host of the party is found stabbed to death with an ice pick in back of the pub. Now, as Gigi’s beau, Detective Mertz, hones in on Declan as a possible murderer, Gigi will have to shave down the growing list of suspects quickly, before Pia’s newfound love interest finds himself locked in the cooler….


My Review

Gigi Fitzgerald is back in action in this latest entry of the “A Gourmet de-lite Mystery” series. When the sexy owner of Woodstone’s bar, Declan McQuaid, asks Gigi to assist him in a huge engagement party, she had no idea what she was getting into. It is bad enough that her sister, Pia, has fallen in love with Declan but Gigi was supposed to accompany her boyfriend, Detective Bill Mertz, to the party. Now, she has to cancel and he’s annoyed with her. However, Gigi can’t let a friend down and goes to help Declan anyway.

The party gets out of hand when the father of the groom-to-be gets nasty and his son stomps out of the party. The next thing they know, Gigi finds the father’s dead body in the bar’s parking lot. The prime suspect appears to be Declan. Pia begs her sister to help prove his innocence. Gigi agrees for the sake of her sister. Besides, Gigi thinks Declan is innocent anyway.

Gigi’s relationship to Mertz begins to heal, but he’s convinced of Declan’s guilty. It’s up to Gigi to show him he’s on the wrong track.

Peg Cochran brings us another delicious book in her culinary series. I read the 2nd and now 3rd book in the series and loved every minute of both books. I do have to go back and read the first one, but it’s such fun watching the character growth even between books two and three. Gigi, along with her West Highland white terrier Reg, are delightful and watching her romance bloom with Mertz is so sweet.

The author’s writing flows at a great pace through each page. The mystery was interesting and I enjoyed trying to figure out whodunit along with Gigi. The clues were all there and the resolution could have gone in a few other directions. I’m already looking forward to the next book in this series.

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FTC Disclosure: The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review for this blog tour. This did not influence my thoughts and opinions in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.

Author Guest Post

Cozy Cats and Dogs
By Peg Cochran

Many cozy mysteries are “pet themed” and most cozy mystery protagonists have pets—cats or dogs or both. I was already well into the first book in my Gourmet De-Lite series, Allergic to Death, when a dog in need of adoption suddenly appeared! Of course my protagonist, Gigi, couldn’t resist. I hadn’t planned it—it just happened. It also happened to be a Westhighland White Terrier or a “Westie.” Funny, because I happened to be “owned” by a Westie myself. What to name him? Hmmmm….how about Reg? Even funnier, because my dog is named Reg, too!

There are differences though—the Reg in the book is slimmer and better groomed than my Reg who needs to lose a few pounds and is currently in need of a haircut. But they both have that same spunky spirit Westies are famous for. According to the American Kennel Club, the Westie “is known for its friendly, strong-willed personality and a remarkably bright white coat. Said to be "all terrier," this breed possesses a large amount of spunk, determination and devotion stuffed into a compact little body.” Or, as my husband and I like to say, Reg is a big dog in a small dog’s body!

Reg keeps Gigi company and goes along with her on her errands whenever possible. He’s a bit of a bed hog, but she doesn’t mind. He has even saved the day once or twice! As a writer, I have to remember that he needs to be walked and fed at regular intervals, and I can’t have Gigi leave him in the car in really cold or really hot weather.

In Steamed to Death, the second book in the series, Detective Bill Mertz acquires a cat, Whiskers. Fortunately Whiskers and Reg get along just fine.

Who are your favorite cozy pets?


How would you like to win a paperback copy of Iced to Death by Peg Cochran? Thanks to Berkley, I have one paperback to giveaway to one lucky winner.

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  1. I am definitely drawn to cozies that have a cat or a dog in them. I'm a sucker for them really. :D

  2. I love my cozies! Look forward to reading this one. Definitely on my TBR list!

  3. I just picked up the first one in the series from the library the other day and can't wait to start the series.

  4. Having both a dog and a cat, of course, I look for Cozies that include those. Sounds like another fun series!!!

  5. congrats to Peg & continued success!!!!

  6. I really can't pick which cozy pet is my favorite as I tend to love them all.


  7. I would have to say dogs are my favorite. Being a dog owen I identify more with them.

  8. Many favorites include: Diesel, Tucker, Boomer...... But there are so many to choose from..

  9. As someone who is owned by a spoiled Pug, I enjoy reading stories with pets in them. Just adds to the fun.

  10. I love all animals, dogs are my favorite

  11. I just got the first book, I can't wait to get started. Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. I do not have any pets of my own but I do like reading cozy mysteries with pets. Think my first series, way back when, was Lilian Jackson Braun's "The Cat Who ... " series -- but that was before I knew some books were called 'cozies'.

  13. I have both cats and dogs---and love all animals--so I enjoy the pets in cozies. I, too, started reading cozies with The Cat Who.. series and I still miss Koko and YumYum and their adventures.

  14. I enjoy this series, thank you for the chance to win

  15. I've seen more cozy covers with dogs than cats, but my personal theory is that if there is a domesticated animal or food on the cover, it's probably a cozy.

  16. Eager to read the latest in this series. Thanks for writing them.

  17. I'm looking forward to reading this book!

  18. I've read the first book in the series and thought it was fantastic. I had a dog growing up and Mommy Dearest probably treated her better then my siblings and myself.

    I do love cozies with pets and look forward to reading this one.

  19. I am looking forward to reading this book. It sounds fun and crazy. Family can sure gets things going. I enjoyed the review.

  20. I always like the dog and cat companions in various cozies, whether or not they actually "help" with the mystery! Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. Awesome I have a new series to try sounds like a good book

  22. I love cozy mysteries, and those with dogs are favorites of mine. I am not much of a cat person, but I enjoy cat cozies, too. This book, and the rest of your series, sounds great!

  23. Great review, I can't wait to read the book.

  24. I like both dogs and cats and would love to read this! It sounds really good! Thank you for the giveaway!

  25. It sounds like a wonderful mystery. I really like that the sisiters like the some guy, it makes for some real tension. Cute cover. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  26. I loved the first book of this series. It's such a fun set of mysteries. Cullen is my favorite cozy cat ;)

  27. Congratulations on your latest release Peg! This is fantastic news as I just love this series.

  28. Congratulations and best wishes. Love dogs and this post is great. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  29. I love this series and cozies in general.

  30. Gig and Reg sound like fun characters as does this series!

  31. This sounds like a great book!!!

  32. Looking forward to reading! Sounds like a good series!

  33. Definitely cats with dogs a close 2nd! Looking forward to reading this one! Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. I hope to be able to read this great book! Thank you for the chance ;)

  35. I'm glad I found this website -- so many new books and authors I want to look into!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  36. Sounds like a good one! I really need to get back into a cozy streak.

    Thanks for linking to the Foodies Read Challenge!


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