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Happy Weekend Everyone!

Is it just me or did the week zoom by?  I feel like time is speeding up and now we're at the end of July.  Only one more month of summer left.  Time is just going too fast.

Anyway, I've been busy blogging this week.  I, also, have many blog tours set up for next week as well.  I only finished reading one book this week...probably because I've been so busy blogging. LOL I do need to concentrate a bit more on reading :)
I've also been spending time binge watching House of Cards.  I'm halfway through season 5, which are all the seasons that have been released so far.  Excellent show.  I'm not sure what I'll binge watch next.

Other than that, it's been quiet here.  How are things with you?  Read or see anything good lately?  Hope everyone has a great week!


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Sunday:  Blog Tour:  Last Breath by Karin Slaughter (Review/Tour-Wide Giveaway)

Wednesday:  Blog Tour:  Cat About Town by Cate Conte (Review/Tour-Wide Giveaway)

Thursday:  Blog Tour:  Knot What You Think by Mary Marks (Spotlight/Tour-Wide Giveaway)

Friday:  Spotlight:  Links by Lisa Becker

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Friday:  Book Beginnings Friday/Friday 56

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  1. Stop zooming by weeks! BF only has 2 weeks left of vacay, who will make me breakfast!

  2. I want the new Karin Slaughter book!

    I also love House of Cards and finished Season 5. Have you watched Grace and Frankie?

    I also just finished a British crime show, Shetland.

    Enjoy your week, and I agree that time is flying too fast! Here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  3. Blogging is time consuming and does cut into reading time :)

  4. I sit before the computer and before I realise three hours have gone by! its a habit I have to try to break.

  5. OMG Yes this week went by super fast. I feel like I didn't get anything done all week.

    Looks like you've got some great books coming up on your blog. Have a great week, hopefully it goes by a bit more slowly. - Katie

    Here's my STS -->

  6. It has totally zoomed by! I don't even know where my time went and what I did xD well, here's to hoping we are going to have a better reading week next :)

  7. I haven't started House of Cards yet. I didn't realize there were that many seasons.

  8. I haven't watched House Of Cards but am starting season one of Grace And Frankie today. I hope I like it.

  9. This whole month has went by fast. Don't don't why either. The Good Daughter is one that I am curious about. Hope you enjoy them all. Have a great week.

    Jenea's Book Obsession

  10. I've got Shadow Girl coming up and am looking forward to it. I love Laura Childs so I'm curious to see how the more suspense titles are. Can't wait for your reviews of the Mary Marks and the Cate Conte book. Both are on my TBR. Have a great week!

  11. Time IS going really fast...July come back where'd you go...
    House of Cards, I should binge watch that. I've been watching Private Practice :D

    Have a wonderful week!

  12. House of Cards is great! And I'm feeling the same way about July.

  13. One book in a week is not too shabby, especially when bookish things were done. I think I might have been motivated to watch House of Cards last week when I was here. It certainly appeals.


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