Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Spotlight: The Sound of Violet by Allen Wolf (Blog Tour)


Desperate to find a soulmate, Shawn goes on one awkward date after another until he encounters the alluring Violet. He starts dating her, but his autism and trusting nature keep him from realizing that she’s actually a prostitute.

Shawn thinks he’s found a potential wife while Violet thinks she’s found a ticket out of her trapped life. This funny and dramatic award-winning story takes all kinds of twists and turns and has been adapted into a major motion picture.


While the novel takes place in New York City, the movie has been relocated to Seattle. The movie first played in movie theaters and is now available to stream, on Blu-ray and DVD.

Logline: From the acclaimed novel comes a romantic comedy about a man who thinks he found his soulmate, but his autism keeps him from realizing she’s a prostitute looking for a ticket out of her trapped life.

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Allen Wolf has won multiple awards as an author and filmmaker. He is also the host of the popular Navigating Hollywood podcast where he interviews film and TV professionals about what it takes to thrive in entertainment.

He married his Persian princess, and they are raising their kids in Los Angeles. Allen loves traveling around the world and hearing people’s life stories. He is an avid fan of Disneyland. Allen wrote, directed, and produced the feature film adaption of The Sound of Violet, which is now available on Apple TV, Prime VideoVuduGoogle PlayBlu-ray, or DVD.

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