Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bitter Sweets by G.A. McKevett

Genre: Cozy Mystery

This is the second book of G.A. McKevett’s Savannah Reid Mystery series and I’m such a big fan of this series after only reading the first two books. Savannah is a wonderful, strong character. She is fast becoming one of my favorite cozy heroines.

This story begins with Savannah, recently fired from the police department, desperately trying to make her new PI business a success. She gets her first break when a man comes in looking for his long-lost sister. Savannah has no problem locating the missing woman and her daughter, but when murders start occurring afterwards, she wonders if she made a mistake in uncovering the whereabouts of the missing woman and her child. Things especially get dicey when the little girl is kidnapped and there is no trace of her anywhere.

As Savannah begins to investigate further, she comes up against so many twists and turns, she doesn’t know which way to go. One thing is for certain, she must find the real culprit before the police decide she’s the only possible killer.

I have to admit, I didn’t have much trouble in figuring out who the killer was but I still loved this story and the characters. This is a fast-paced mystery and all the characters are incredibly well-developed. I especially loved Savannah’s grandmother. She’s wonderful and I’m hoping to see more of her in future stories. The next book in this series “Killer Calories” sounds excellent and I’m looking forward to reading it.


  1. There is no doubt in my mind that if I read this book, I'd gain 10 pounds! :( I have a sweet tooth really bad!!

  2. LOL! That happened to me with Joanna Carl's chocolate mystery series. I wanted chocolate so much after reading these books. Then when I read Chloe Coyle's coffehouse mysteries, all I could think about was coffee. ROFL

    I must say, though, I didn't feel that way with Bitter Sweets. There wasn't as much talk about sweets in this series (or at least not in this particular book).


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