Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday Thingers

Today's topic: Book-swapping. Do you do it? What site(s) do you use? How did you find out about them? What do you think of them? Do you use LT's book-swapping column feature for information on what to swap? Do you participate in any of the LT communities that discuss bookswapping, like the Bookmooch group for example?

Yes! Absolutely! I use both Bookmooch and PaperbackSwap. PBS was the first time I ever used a swap site and it's my favorite. Although, I do like Bookmooch too. I like PBS best because I can print out the labels with the postage on it. I like that. I've never used LT.

What I like about the swap sites is that I often find books that are no longer available anywhere else. It's been especially helpful in collecting the cozy series that I love so much.


  1. I agree, the swap sites are *awesome* for out of print, hard to find stuff. I've found all kinds of cool old scifi for my husband through Bookmooch- and I know I could find it used somewhere, but so much better to get it for free! :-)

  2. That's a great reason for swapping. I always seem to be looking for books that are out of print or not available in the US. I'll have to start checking the swap sites before I resort to eBay!

  3. Exactly! It's especially good for me because I love series books like the cozies and it's hard to find the early books in the series. The bookstores usually don't have them.

  4. Have you tried Frugal Reader as well?


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