Sunday, July 13, 2008

Boys of Summer by Julie Elizabeth Leto, Kimberly Raye and Leslie Kelly

Harlequin Blaze #264

Genre: Romance

Another book I read for the Harlequin/Silhouette Romance Reading Challenge. This is an anthology type of book with three stories set in the world of baseball. The Louisville Slammers are threatening to leave the town of Louisville causing an uproar amongst their fans, as well as the local businesses which would suffer due to their departure. Each story follows the women who own three of those businesses and their struggles to keep things going. The women decide to throw caution to the and fulfill their fantasy with someone connected to the Slammers before they go.

Julie Elizabeth Leto’s story starts things off as her ex-husband is the one responsible for the possible departure of the Slammers. As team owner, Donovan Ross found himself in dire financial trouble leaving him no choice but to sell the club. Callie Andrews wants to make him change his mind, but more than that, she wants one last chance to be with her ex. If the sale goes through, it could mean she’ll never see him again and she might even have to close here restaurant.

The Sweet Spot is the ice cream shop that caters to the crowds after each game. Kimberly Raye gives us a heroine who wants one chance to be with the team’s shortstop before the team leaves town, but she strikes out. She doesn’t realize the team’s coach is interested in more than her delicious ice cream.

The final story is by Leslie Kelly. Janie Nolan has sacrificed her own happiness for her brother’s sports memorabilia store. She knows nothing about sports, but while her brother is in the military, she finds herself desperate to keep his store open. When she hears that the team might leave town, she realizes she might not have any chance of making a success of the business. She sets her sights on the team’s sexy pitcher, but can she put aside her brother’s dream for one of her own?

This was a quick read. A nice way to spend an afternoon. I think each book could really have been the length of a full Blaze, but the characters were cute and I enjoyed it. The three authors involved always write a sexy, hot romance. All three are favorites of mine.


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