Friday, June 26, 2009

Made in the U.S.A. by Billie Letts

Grand Central Publishing
Release date: May 2009

Genre: Fiction

This is the captivating tale of a brother and sister. Two kids with nothing left in the world except an old Pontiac, dreams and each other. This is the story of Fate and Lutie McFee.

Fate and Lutie live in the small town of Spearfish, South Dakota with their father’s 300 pound girlfriend, Floy. Their father hasn’t been seen or heard from in years. They depend on Floy for everything. One day, at the cashier’s counter of a local Wal-Mart, Floy collapses and dies on the spot. Fifteen year old Lutie has to think quickly to avoid the state putting them in foster care. She chooses to take her eleven year old brother and run. They steal Floy’s Pontiac from the store’s parking lot and take off for their father’s last known address, Las Vegas.

Things aren’t as easy as they thought it would be when they can’t find their father and are unable to even afford a decent meal. They live in their car and get their meals free from the Salvation Army, but Lutie is determined to provide them with more than that. She makes major life-altering decisions that will change their lives forever – and not necessarily for the good.

“Made in the U.S.A.” will tug at your heartstrings. Lutie and Fate will make their way to your hearts and never leave. I could not put this book down. It was both heartwarming and heartwrenching. This is the first book I ever read by this author and, rest assured, it will not be my last.

Since this book really grabbed me from page one until the very last page, I have to award it the Socrates’ Book Review Great Book Alert medal.


  1. It sounds great, and I am sure the writing is excellent, but it sounds sad :( I am not in a sad phase now

  2. It is sad, but an uplifting ending. However, it's not something to read if you aren't in a sad phase.

    I'm back in chick lit phase, which I have to do after reading something sad.

  3. This has been on my TBR list for awhile. Definitely want to move it up a notch I think.

  4. You really should, if you can, Scrap girl. I really couldn't put it down.

  5. Glad to get your thoughts on this one! I have seen it all over blogdom and wondered. Thanks.

  6. This book has been on my shelf for ages. I really must read it soon.


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