Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Thingers - Do You Have Glue?

Welcome to another week of Tuesday Thingers! We always love to hear from regular participants as well as new people.

This week we are exploring something totally different and un-Library Thing - we're looking at Glue! I first heard about Get Glue when a bloggy friend won a Kindle 2 from one of their contests! The topic then came up again at the recent Seattle blogger get-together. SO. . . I decided that maybe this whole Glue thing deserved a little attention.

What is Get Glue?

From their Website:

Developed by AdaptiveBlue, Glue enables you to connect with your friends on the web around the things you visit online. Glue is powered by semantic recognition technology that automatically identifies books, music, movies, wines, stocks, movie stars, recording artists, and more. Glue works hard to make it easy for you to find out what your friends think about things you're visiting online.

SO . . . on top of helping you find great books, movies, etc, you can also follow Get Glue on Twitter and play their games to win great weekly prizes. :) If you read some of their recent posts, you will probably find some familiar names winning some of those prizes!

Questions: Have you gotten Glue yet? If so, how do you like it? Do you follow Glue Genie on Twitter? Won anything in their quizzes?

My answer....I heard of Glue, but I never checked it out before. I just went over to their website and it looks interesting, but I'm afraid I'll get addicted. LOL I'm online way too much as it is. Although I Twitter, I don't even do that very often. I prefer spending any online time I have blogging. Actually, I should be spending all my time reading...my TBR is growing and I've become addicted to online games now. So, I doubt I'll be joining Glue - there's just not enough hours in a day.



  1. I have to agree..I just do not know where some people find the time to do all this stuff online. Time always better spent actually reading.

  2. I used to play a lot of Bejeweled and Spider Solitaire. Not anymore.

  3. Yvonne, as I mentioned in another thread (wow! you guys are wonderfully connected and networked) Glue is designed to bring you the valuable information that you want without spending any additional time networking.

    We realize that what you really want to do is read, so Glue delivers the information (what do my friends think of this book, what books are most popular) automatically while you browse popular book sites around the web.

    Hope you check it out!!


  4. I checked it out after I posted my Thinger and I don't think I've decided I'm not going to Glue!

  5. I don't have glue. It sounds like fun.


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