Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer TV is Here!

Besides being a book addict, I'm also a TV addict. The summer shows have begun (or will begin soon) and I'm already hooked!

In Plain Sight returned a few weeks ago and I'm enjoying this one alot. It's on the USA network and it's about Mary and her partner who work for the witness protection program. Their job is to successfully relocate witnesses who are in danger and help them set up a new life. There's always good drama each week.

Next is another returning show on the USA network - Burn Notice. It started this week and I love it. Michael is a spy who was "burned", which means he's no longer a spy and the bad guys are after him. They froze his bank accounts and basically has no means to support himself. So, he teams up with an ex-girlfriend and an old friend, who are also spies. Each week they try to figure out who "burned" him and try to get his old life back. In the meantime, they solve some freelance spy cases so he has some money coming in :)

Another returning show that I love is Army Wives. This show is on the Lifetime network and returns with season 3 tomorrow night. As the title implies, it's about women who have husband's in the Army and how they deal with their everyday lives while their husbands are shipped out. Oh...there's also one husband of an Army officer...he's now going to be raising their infant on his own as his wife got her orders to ship out. This show has everything - romance, drama...very good show.

And some brand new shows I'm enjoying, one just started this week. Royal Pains on the USA network. What a good start! It's about a doctor who takes care of an influential patient at a New York City hospital. At the same time, another patient is in the emergency and in worse shape, so the doctor stabilizes the influential patient and treats the patient in worse shape. The patient lives, but the influential patient doesn't. The doctor is fired and blacklisted at every hospital and can no longer work. His brother convinces him to spend a weekend in the Hamptons and is offered a private doctor position there. I live near the Hamptons on Long Island, so I was looking forward to seeing a TV show set here. I wasn't disappointed.

And the last new show....Mental on Fox. As the title implies, it's set in a psychiatric facility and the new head doctor is a bit unorthodox in his methods. There's an interesting case each week for them to figure out. Admittedly, it's a bit like one of my favorite shows, House, but I'm liking it alot too.

Have any of you been watching these shows? Are you watching any TV this summer? What shows?

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  1. I just love Burn Notice and In Plain Sight. I'm waiting for Leverage to come back. I liked that one a lot too. Great cast! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. You have such good shows in America. We probably only get to see about half of your shows in England.

  3. I loved the first show of Royal Pains too and can't wait for more. I actually have a prize pack for that show being given away on my blog right now included with an interview with Mark (Hank Lawson). It's very interesting and makes me excited for the rest of the season.


  4. Shooting Stars Mag - I just went over to your blog and entered the contest. What a great interview!

  5. I am a fan of In Plain Sight and Burn Notice. I also watched the premiere of Royal Pains. Looking forward to The Closer!

  6. I LOVE all of these shows! The Closer was the first summer show I started watching and that's a favorite. Leverage was really good too and I can't wait for that one to start up again. I have been watching and enjoying reruns of Holly Hunter's show Finding Grace (?). The new court show (that I can't remember the title of either) was pretty good with lots of action. I enjoyed Deborah Messing's series too about being a Hollywood wife but that was canceled. Wow, I didn't realize I watched so many of them.

  7. I've heard so many good things about The Closer, but never watched it. I should check that one out.

    I loved Debra Messing's show. That was The Starter Wife. I was sad that they canceled it.

  8. I was so mad when the TV networks began putting out new shows during the summer. That was my TV off time! LOL Then I realized I don't actually have to watch it. Hubby and I watch Closer, but on DVD and so we don't watch it when it airs. We usually use this time to catch up on DVD tv shows we've missed over the years or want to see again. We're watching the second season of Torchwood right now.

  9. I just remembered! True Blood. That will be our summer show this season.

  10. I love those boxed sets of TV show DVDs. I have so many of them! I just started Criminal Minds season 1.

    I loved True Blood last season, but we don't get HBO anymore :(


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