Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Thingers - Did Not Finish

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Questions: How often do you find yourself struggling through a book (if you HAD to estimate)? How far will you read before you stop and consider it a DNF (Did not finish)? Will you skim ahead and see if it gets any better? Once you put it down, do you still write a quick review? What do you do with the book when you are done?

My Answer: It's not often I struggle with a book...I can count on one hand where this has happened to me. Often, I read through the whole thing anyway. I have been known to skim through to the end and then I'll do a quick review. I won't bash a book because I know how hard authors work on a book and, also, that others might have liked it but I will give my opinion on it and why it didn't work for me. I don't think that's bashing.

I'll usually put the book up on Paperback Swap or Bookmooch to trade for another book.



  1. I usually finish most of the books I pick up, too. But I agree it's certainly not bashing just to say you didn't care for a book.

  2. I don't come across many books that I can't finish either. I think I'm pretty good at selecting books that I'll like.o

  3. Trading for a book that may be more to your liking is a great idea. Usually though, I trade with friends, and if I didn't really like a book, I know they probably won't either. Guess that's when it is a good idea to join bookmooch or such.

  4. It is very rare for me to give up on a book. I feel bad if I don't read it until the end.

  5. Oh, I've not heard of those book swapping sites! I'm going to check them out. Great idea!

  6. I love the kitties shooting pool!

    I swap my unreadables on PBS too...someone else might enjoy them.

  7. jlshall - That's what I figured, Joy. Just saying a book doesn't appeal to you and why shouldn't be considered bashing.

    bermudaonion - I'm pretty good at picking books I like too.

    Lenore - The bookswapping sites are so good!

    Scrap girl - I get like that too. I feel bad if I don't finish something.

    Cheryl - You really should look into the bookswapping sites. They've been great for me.

    Missy - They are cute, aren't they?

  8. I've never heard of Bookmooch. I'm going to check the site out now!

  9. It isn't often I give up on a book, but if it's really not doing anything for me, I will set it aside. At that point, I usually don't care what happens so there's no point in skimming ahead. I've only had it happen once since I started blogging and I made a very brief mention of it at the time.

    I usually give the books I don't care for away.

    I like it when bloggers mention the books that didn't work for them, along with the reason why. Like you, I don't care for author bashing at all--but as you indicated, there's a way to do it and still be respectful.


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