Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Weaver Wedding by Allison Leigh

Silhouette Special Edition #1965, April 2009-06-20

Genre: Romance

Tara Browning happily agrees to meet her twin brother at a local bar. She hasn’t seen him in years and this was their mutual birthday. What better way to spend their birthday then to have a much anticipated family reunion? However, that reunion isn’t meant to be when her brother stands her up. She’s left alone in the bar, drowning her sorrows in margaritas when a member of Weaver’s premier families, the Clays, offers to buy her next drink.

Axel Clay does more than buy the beautiful Tara a birthday drink, but he spends the weekend making this birthday one that she won’t soon forget. Tara doesn’t forget a thing about the weekend and is left with a little souvenir – one that will make its presence known in nine months. Tara hasn’t heard from Axel since that weekend and realizes she was nothing more than a one-night stand for him. She decides to keep the news of their child to herself and raise the baby on her own.

The next time Axel appears in Tara’s life, it’s to be her bodyguard. Her missing brother has gotten into some mysterious trouble which has endangered Tara’s life. Axel is hired to protect her, but Tara is more concerned about protecting her own secret. She wonders how long she can continue keeping her pregnancy to herself with Axel watching her every move.

The book is part of a continuity series by Allison Leigh, The Men of the Double-C Ranch. There are several books that come before this one in the series, but I haven’t read those. Apparently there is a mystery theme that runs through them. I already found them on Paperback Swap and plan to get caught up with the Clays.

It’s a sweet romance which can be read in one sitting. The characters are likeable, although I’m not big on heroines keeping their pregnancy a secret from the father-to-be, but this was handled well. The story was intriguing and reminded me that I love Harlequin and Silhouette books that feature families. I haven’t read on in awhile. It was fun to read this one.

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  1. Not a big fun of the hiding part either, but if it's done well then i understand, and especially if she thought she was just a one night stand

    Will look forward then to what you think of the rest


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