Tuesday, July 14, 2009

8 Sandpiper Way by Debbie Macomber

Genre: Romance

The residents of 8 Sandpiper Way have their problems. Emily Fleming is sure her husband, Dave, is having an affair. He might be the local pastor, but that doesn’t stop her from suspecting the worst. Then, she discovers Dave has several pieces of jewelry that belonged to an old woman who recently passed away. A woman that Dave had paid many visits to in the days before her death. The woman’s family is now seeking retribution and demanding an arrest be made. It leaves Emily wondering if she really knows her husband at all.

Things are happening all over Cedar Cove as other citizens have their troubles too. Sheriff Troy Davis wants nothing more than to reunite with his lost love, Faith, but his concern for his daughter is interfering with his good intentions.

There’s also Bruce and Rachel, who have suddenly moved up their wedding date, much to the dismay of his young daughter, Jolene. Not to mention catching up with Teri and Bobby Polgar who are expecting their first child, Judge Olivia and her husband Jack who are dealing with cancer, as well as seeing teenager Tanni Bliss help a young artist make his way in the world.

8 Sandpiper Way has all your favorite Cedar Cove characters. This series is a pure delight. It’s always such a joy to revisit characters that have become friends to the faithful readers of this series. Debbie Macomber never fails to disappoint with her beautiful writing style.

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  1. Hm a series you so, I must go and investigate some more

  2. Love the cover. I have been wanting to read a book by her for quite some time. This one looks good.

  3. What is the first one in the Cedar Cove series? I have started with The Blossom Street ones first, but I do hope to move onto these.


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