Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sunday Salon - Summer is here!

Summer is here and I've already completed 4 books in July...this is really good for me. This week I finished Dial Emmy for Murder by Eileen Davidson and Multiple Choice by Claire Cook. I already posted both reviews. I, also, completed the Cozy Mystery Reading Challenge, so I'm happy about that.

I decided to cut back on alot of my reviews. I still do them, but I'm very choosy about what I review now. This has given me more time to just read whatever I want and I find I enjoy reading more like this.

On a disappointing note - my Excel spreadsheet of my TBR was ruined and I'm trying to reconstruct it (remember my TBR is the one that numbers in the 1000's - this is an impossible feat). I'm really sick about that and I'm not sure I have the patience or desire to get this back. I'd rather spend the time reading.

I still have two book giveaways going on. They both end July 24th, so there's still time to enter. Just go to the sidebar and click on the covers.

On July 14th, I'm hosting a blog tour for "A Worthy Legacy" by Tomi Akinyanmi - a wonderful book.

I just began reading "8 Sandpiper Way" by Debbie Macomber. It's the 8th book in her Cedar Cove series. I love this series! I'm trying to catch up before the 9th book is released in September. I have "8 Sandpiper Way" to finish and then there's "A Cedar Cove Christmas". Not exactly beach reads, but they are books I want to read :)

Has your summer reading gotten off to a good start?

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  1. Well my July reading is going OK - but only because it's the middle of a cold winter here in Australia and there's nothing much to do but snuggle under a blanket and read

  2. Sounds like your summer has gotten off to a good start, Yvonne!

    I am so sorry about your TBR spreadsheet being ruined. What a nightmare! Maybe you can work at rebuilding it slowly, that way it won't interrupt your reading.

    Have a great week!

  3. Sorry to hear about your spreadsheet.

    I will definitely get around to reading the Cedar Cove series. I am starting out with the Blossom Street series first though. Loved the first one.

  4. I have read only three books. I gotta finish ten more if I wanna reach my goal of 150+ books in 2009!

    Here is my TSS post

  5. Happy Sunday :O)
    4 books so far is great. I'm on my second for July.
    Sorry to hear your Excel sheet was ruined :(

  6. Bernadette - I love to cuddle under a blanket and read in the winter. It's so peaceful.

    Wendy - Summer has gotten off to a good start, except for the spreadsheet thing. I think I will do it slowly. Spending hours on at a time on it doesn't sound like much fun.

    Scrap girl - The Cedar Cove series is truly wonderful. I love it. I have the Blossom Street books, but haven't read them yet. They sound great too.

    Gautami Tripathy - Wow, 150+ is a huge goal. I'll be happy if I reach 100.

  7. Hi Naida - For me 4 books in a week and a half is great.

  8. Sorry about your spreadsheet - that would be upsetting.

    You have a good idea there in only reviewing certain books thereby giving you more reading time. A review can sometimes take me a good long time to get together.

    I'm having a really good July so far. I'm on my 5th book. I hope the rest of the month goes just as well.

  9. I'm so sorry about your spreadsheet. I try to keep one online because I know I'll lose it otherwise. Have a great week.

  10. Dar - I had to do something because I was finding I wasn't reading many of my own TBR books and only do reviews. Although I do admit I found quite a few good books by doing reviews and discovered new-to-me authors.

    Vasilly - I do have alot of books listed on my Shelfari, some in Goodreads and some on Library Thing but my database was a complete listing.


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