Monday, July 6, 2009

Musing Mondays - Library Visits

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about library company…

Who, if anyone usually accompanies you to the library? Is it somewhere you go alone? Or is it a regular outing with family or friends? Which do you prefer?

My answer...

For the most part, I go on my own. I don't have kids, it's just me and my husband. Once in awhile he'll go with me because we use the library primarily for DVDs and he likes to pick some out too. Overall, he'll leave it to me what to get. My answer is pretty short and sweet :)

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  1. I usually go on my own. I don't have kids either, and I get a lot of ILLs so I just dart in, grab my pile of stuff, and dart back out again. No lingering browsing for me, otherwise I'd bring home even more stuff! :)

  2. I too like to go alone. I don't have kids or a husband!


    Here is my Monday post

  3. I usually go with my five year old son and baby girl to the wigglers story time twice a month. One of our city's libraries is old and very small, half of which is the children's area. I can easily let my five year old play with the puppets and puzzles while I check out the other stuff. If I could actually go on my own I would love to sit and write or read.

  4. I have older kids, but sometimes my daugther (25) will go with me to replenish her stack.

  5. I like to go and pick my books on my own, though I also end up picking books up when I take the girls too.

  6. Love that photo and the caption. :-)

    If I did go to the public library, chances are my husband would want to tag along. It's been years though since either of us have set foot in our local public library.


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