Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday Thingers - Social Networking

Welcome to another week of Tuesday Thingers! We always love to hear from regular participants as well as new people.

Christine over at Erotic Book Junkies / Romantic Crush Junkies actually gave me the idea for this post a while back. There are so many wonderful resources available to us as bloggers and individuals. Take a look at just a few of the many social networking sites: Facebook, MySpace, Library Thing, GoodReads, Twitter. . . the list can go on and on!

Sometimes it is hard to keep up with everything, and sometimes we all need a place just for us - where we don't have any blogger responsibilities.

Questions: How do you feel about social networking sites? Do you have any you like more than others? Are there any you don't like? Do you have any that you don't associate with your blogs and/or book reviewing? If you could only belong to one of these sites, which one would it be and why?

My Answer: I belong to many of the social networking sites - My Space, Facebook, Goodreads, Shelfari, Library Thing, Twitter. I liked all of them at first, but then it just took up too much of my valuable time. I keep thinking, instead of playing around on these sites, I could be reading. My favorite book site might be Shelfari. I like that you can add an unlimited amount of books to your shelf and they have several great groups. I joined the groups, but end up not participating because of time.

I don't have any that I dislike. If I don't use it, it's because of the time factor. Not because of the sites themselves. I'm trying to cut back on some of the things I do. I, also, belong to many Yahoo groups for my various interests and that takes up time too. I love the Yahoo groups because the messages all come to my email and I get so many great recommendations from readers with the same interests as mine.

Basically, I'm trying to keep it down to Yahoo groups and blogging. Those are the two places I get ideas of future reads from.

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  1. Such a sweet kittie!

    I only blog now as I just don't have time for everything else. I want to build my blog up and increase my own reading, so no time for anything else.

  2. I belong to Facebook, Myspace, Librarything, Bookmooch, Good Reads, Shelfari....there are probably more that I can't even think of right now. And I hardly ever go to any of them except Librarything. I just don't have the time. I don't see how other people do it. Oh, and Twitter...I belong to Twitter...but then again, when do I have time? Like you, I would rather be reading!

  3. I used to be very active on Shelfari a long time back. But then as you said it took up a lot of time. So did facebook. I don't log in to facebook anymore.

    I still like Shelfari but it's very slow. I joined GoodReads last year and really like it. I found many book bloggers who are more active on GoodReads than on Shelfari. And LibraryThing just irritates me :) I hate the layout and all.


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