Sunday, July 5, 2009

Death in Daytime by Eileen Davidson

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Alexis Peterson is the star of the popular daytime drama hit “The Yearning Tide”, but her head writer, Marcy Blanchard, has old issues with Alexis and is determined to write the actress off the show.

After a particularly nasty brawl between Alexis and Marcy, the writer is found dead - killed by her own Emmy award. The investigation turns bitter when most of Alexis’ co-workers tell the police they believe she could have committed the murder. Homicide detective, Frank Jakes, is immediately convinced of her guilt, while his partner tends to confuse Alexis with her TV alter-ego and is sure she’s innocent.

Alexis takes matters into her own hands. She has to prove her innocence for her own sake as well as for the sake of her beloved three-year old daughter, Sarah. Alexis’ first husband walked out on them, taking all her money, leaving her as a single mother with a demanding career. Alexis’ boyfriend, Paul, is a forensic expert who consults on another TV show, but she insists on handling her personal investigation on her own, which leaves hurt feelings between Alexis and Paul. It, also, doesn’t help their relationship when Alexis finds herself attracted to Detective Jakes, who wants nothing more than to put Alexis behind bars.

Eileen Davidson has been a major daytime drama star for years. I used to watch her on Days of Our Lives where she played devious Kristin Blake. She was amazing in that role and now it looks as if she has added another career to her already impressive resume. The author takes us behind the scenes of a daytime drama, who better to do that than an actress who has spent so many years working in the daytime drama arena?

I found the writing style to be fast-paced, light, and witty. Her story took so many twists and turns. She kept me on my toes until the end. I already began reading the second book in her “A Soap Opera Mystery” series.

For reading challenge: Cozy Mystery


  1. I really could get into these cozy mysteries. Grea review.

  2. I'm really loving the second book, too. I forgot how much I love the cozies.

  3. Sounds like fun! I haven't been reading enough cozies recently.

  4. I read another review of this one earlier last week that made this found fun. I am glad to hear you enjoyed it too, Yvonne! I'll have to add it to my wishlist.


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