Friday, July 24, 2009

Nantucket Nights by Elin Hilderbrand

Genre: Chick Lit, Fiction

Twenty years ago Kayla, Antoinette and Val met in Nantucket when they rented a summer cottage. The three of them had a strong friendship that lasted into their adulthood. They even developed a ritual. Each year, the three of them would get together – without anyone else – share their deepest secrets, champagne and swim naked. It was one day a year that they escaped from their normal, daily lives. They called themselves, the Night Swimmers.

Then one night, one of the women goes into the ocean and doesn’t come back. Nobody knows what happened to her, but she is presumed dead. As the remaining women grieve, they realize the secrets they shared and, what they thought of as an innocent outing, threatens to tear their lives apart. This went much further then their friendship and many innocent people are in danger of being hurt.

I couldn’t put this book down. It captivated me right from the start. I wanted to know how this was going to end, even though I had my suspicions. Elin Hilderbrand writes a wonderful cast of characters and the plot flows beautifully. I’ve already added her to my list of “must read” authors.

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  1. It sounds like chick lit with a mystery too. I like the sound of that.

  2. That's exactly what it is, so it had a little of everything I love.

  3. I don't know, I am not sold on this book, it just makes me go hmm
    But good review, and I am glad you liked it

  4. After reading The Castaways I definitely want to read more of her books. This one sounds really good. I'll have to pick it up. I do have Summer AFfair on my pile first though.

  5. I'll be looking for this now! I really enjoy these types of books, especially in the summer. Great review!

  6. Blodeuedd - I always love a little mysteries in my book and this had one, although I was pretty sure how it would end and I was right :)

    Dar - I have both of those books in my TBR and they look so good.

    Wrighty - I love reading books with a summer theme in summer :)

  7. I don't normally read a lot of chick lit but this one sounds really good, the fact that you were captivated by it also helps :-)

  8. wow, this one does sound good! I wonder what happened to the lady that went swimming and didnt come back....

  9. Teddyree - I guess what I loved about it so much was that there was some mystery to it.

    Naida - Can't give away any spoilers, but all questions are answered in the book :)


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