Sunday, April 20, 2014

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Happy Sunday and Monday Everyone! Happy Easter and Passover to all who are celebrating!

The weather is absolutely perfect this weekend.  I love having my windows open and a nice breeze going through the house.

Once again I'm reading some wonderful cozy mysteries.  I thought I would have overdosed on the genre by now, but it seems like it's the opposite and I can't get enough of them.  LOL

I watched another movie this week.  I saw Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.  It was good, would have been better with more of Clooney, though :)  I'm also enjoying my TV shows, but I am most excited that it's only a little over 2 weeks before 24 return!  One of my all time favorite shows. 

I've been happy filling up my Kindle and Nook with all the freebies offered.  Now, I need time to start reading them.  Definitely a case of too many books and too little time.

Other than that, it's spring cleaning around my house.  Hopefully we can start redoing our den.  I've been clearing out a lot of stuff and things are looking better.

So, what have you all been up to?  Read anything good lately?  See any good movies?

I hope you all had a great week and have a good one this week!


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Monday:  Dyed and Gone by Beth Yarnall (Review and Giveaway)

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What was your week like? What are you reading this week?


  1. Spring cleaning, I need to do that. I've also been enjoying the breezes, though we had a dusting of snow and several cold days.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the cozies, I've been reading more of them lately too. They're fun. :)

    Happy Easter!

  2. Happy Easter and have a great reading week !

  3. Ah, yes, spring cleaning...I have some things I need to clear out of the garage, for starters. I keep putting it off...LOL

    I saw the movie Philomena this week, and loved it!

    Haven't seen Gravity yet, but hear it's good. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Enjoy your books...I see several that look tempting, like The Corpse with the Emerald Thumb.


  4. I was starting to get some spring cleaning done, but then the weather got nice and I've moved to outside work!
    Have a good week!
    Joy's Book Blog

  5. I always 5 days worth of stuff I want to get done in two days which means I barely got anything done! LOL.

    I love a good cozy- Dyed and gone looks cute!

  6. Happy Easter! We had great weather today too, a beautiful day . Around 70, nice breeze. Glad you're enjoying the cozies...

  7. Cozy mysteries are my favorite! I'm rereading all of Agatha Christie's novels right now! Never disappoints! Have a great week! -Earl!

  8. We have also had great weather here this weekend!

    Have a great week!
    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  9. It can only be a good thing that you can't get enough of the Cozy Mysteries - and another good thing that there are plenty of books and more coming all the time :) I didn't watch Gravity, as I was told it's best to be watched in 3D and I'm one of those people who can't see 3D :( Doesn't effect me in any other way, but in cinemas or those 3D pictures - can't see it …Have a great week and Happy Reading.
    My Sunday Post is here

  10. Enjoy your books. I recently saw Catching Fire and Book Thief and enjoyed them both. I haven't seen Gravity yet.

  11. We watched Gravity too this weekend. Mr. B and I caught some sort of intestinal bug, so it lent itself to lazy reading and movie watching. We also watched Saving Mr Banks, which I like better than Gravity, though both were very good.

  12. I'm cozy mystery crazy too! I can't get enough. :-)

  13. I should get to that spring cleaning thing myself...
    Have a great week and enjoy your books!


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