Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday - August 11th

It's Top Ten Tuesday again.   It's hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This week's topic is...

Top Ten Authors I've Read The Most Books From

At first I thought this would be an easy topic, but after the first few, I had to really do some thinking about it. Since I've started reviewing, I've been reading many different authors and not having time to concentrate on just one.  So my reading has been all over the place.  However, I managed to come up with 10 authors that I've read the most - either currently or in the past.

Here we go...

1.  James Patterson - There was a time I would rush to the store on his release day and buy his books even if they were hardcover (even before the days of e-books, I rarely spent money on hardcovers).  I, also, actually read the book the day I got it.  That never happens anymore.  It's been a long time since I've read his books, though, since I've been reviewing.  I do want to get back to them.

2.  Janet Evanovich - She's the only other author I bought as hardcover and read immediately.  It was mainly because of her Stephanie Plum books.  I still do read them although I get them from the library now and I don't read them right away.  In fact, I'm a couple of books behind on this series.

3.  Debbie Macomber - I always love everything she writes, especially her Cedar Cove series.

4.  Nora Roberts - I used to read her books as soon as they were released.  I've gotten away from her in recent years but I'll be back :)

5.  Joyce and Jim Lavene (aka J.J. Cook) - I read everything they write now and I still have a huge backlist to get through.  I love all their cozy mystery series.

6.  M.C. Beaton - I have to add her to the list since I've been catching up and listening to her Agatha Raisin series.  I'm up to #17, so that qualifies her as one of the authors I've read the most books from. 

7.  Duffy Brown - Love her Consignment Shop Mystery series and now she has another series - The Cycle Path Mysteries.  The first book in that one was good.  Her Consignment Shop series has a place in my heart though.

Then there are some old favorites that I haven't read recently, but used to read as soon as they were released...

8.  Barbara Bretton

9.  Sharon Sala

10. Sherryl Woods

These are three wonderful romance authors and I'd love to catch up on their books.  You know the saying...too many books, too little time.

So, who makes your top ten list?


  1. If I was counting everyone, I'd probably have Janet Evanovich on my list, too!

    Here's my Top Ten Authors I've Read the Most. Love to have you stop by!

  2. I used to read a lot of Patterson books too. Not so much now. And I've read lots of Macomber books. I love the Cedar Cove series as well and the Yarn Shop books. Have also read a bunch of Nora Roberts and have read all but the last book she wrote as J.D.Robb. That was last year's obsession. LOL

    I've read a lot of Agatha Christie and Carola Dunn and Robyn Carr and, of course, lots of other authors who've not written as many books. Like the topic this week.

  3. wow!!!!!! I am honored to be in such amazing company. Thank you!! I truly apprediate it. Hugs, Duffy.

  4. It's fun seeing all the different authors on people's lists. I went through a phase where I glommed James Patterson's books but the only books of his I still read are his women'sclub murder books. I also used to glom Evanovich's Stepha nie Plum books but lost interest and stopped reading them.

    Fun list.:)

  5. Macomber is an author I really want to read more from. I've read a few and enjoyed them but never started the Cedar Cove series. I enjoy Sherryl Woods and the Lavenes and really want to try Duffy Brown's books. Great list!


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