Saturday, February 29, 2020

The Weekend Review - February 29th-March 2nd

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Happy Weekend!

Wow, I can't believe it's March already. I'm already behind on writing reviews...I hate being behind but the month just kind of arrived and I wasn't prepared. I really have to get myself organized. Maybe someday :)

I only finished one book this week, but that's a good thing since I'm behind on writing the review :)

I managed to see two movies this week in the theater, we rarely go to the theater anymore. So, this was a treat :) We saw two horror movies - Fantasy Island and The Invisible Man. Both were good. I liked Fantasy Island better. Although it's based on the old TV show, it's nothing like the show. This one is a horror movie, but we knew that before we went.

I'm still enjoying my TV shows like Survivor, Outlander, and the Chicago dramas. I was sad to learn that Hawaii 5-O would be ending in April. I still liked that show even after all these years.

Other than that, it's been quiet here. I hope you all have a great week.


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Sunday:  Review:  Witness Protection Widow by Debra Webb (Blog Tour)

Tuesday:  Review:  Here Comes the Body by Maria DiRicco (Blog Tour/Tour-Wide Giveaway)

Thursday:  Spotlight:  Paws for Murder by Scarlett English (Blog Tour/Tour-Wide Giveaway)

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Monday: Review: Murder Makes Scents by Christin Brecher (Blog Tour/Tour-Wide Giveaway)

Wednesday: Spotlight: Before He Vanished by Debra Webb (Blog Tour)

Thursday: Spotlight: Blueberry Cobbler Blackmail by Jodi Rath (Blog Tour/Tour-Wide Giveaway)

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  1. Ooh The Invisible Man I'm curious about. And I'm so glad it's March!

  2. Happy March! It's so hard to motivate myself during the cold season. You will probably get busy once it warms up.

    Cast Away looks like fun. I've always wanted to be a castaway.

    Have a lovely week.

  3. I’m behind too :(
    So many long running shows are ending this year, I just hope there are new ones to replace them.

    Wishing you a great reading week

  4. Buried in the Stacks looks good...and so does He Started It, which is on my list.

    Enjoy your books and your week!

  5. I want to see both of those movies so bad but it will have to be via Netflix so I have a bit of a wait.

  6. I loved Buried in the Stacks and I have Lavender Blue Murder coming up. I hadn't heard Hawaii 5-0 was ending! I watched it when it first started but I had to lose a few shows time wise and it was one that didn't make the cut. So sad when a show you're enjoying goes. Have a great week!

  7. Lavender Blue Murder has such a pretty cover! The Missing Sister and Buried in Stocks look good, too.

    I've seen the commercials for Fantasy Island, and, NOPE! No horror for me. But I'm glad you liked it, and you got to treat yourself. :)

  8. You're not alone. I only managed to read one book too. And I'm way behind on reviews. I plan to work on that this coming week.

  9. I still have a couple February purchases to read. I don't want to fall as far behind this year as last year. My weekly update

  10. I'm behind on reading and writing reviews both. I got sidetracked into a bunch of audiobooks for books I had already read and reviewed. Come see my week here. Happy readng!

  11. I just saw that Hawaii 5-0 was ending! That stinks! I wonder how it will end though. I hope you can stop by:



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