Monday, June 18, 2012

Musing Mondays - Book Covers

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This week’s musing asks…

I read an article, this past week, about book covers, and the difference between print & digital covers; about how the digital covers have almost disappeared entirely, while publishers decide to just skip right to the content.

What do you think about this? Do you think the book cover is “dead”? Do you care whether the “covers” on digital books exist or not?

If you have the time, read the article and then share your thoughts!

My answer...

This is a hard one - I love, love, love book covers. Since I'm primarily an e-reader now, I don't see the covers that often. I do miss that, but OTOH, I love my e-readers for various reasons. I do wish they were able to give us covers for all ebooks - for those who don't have an e-reader - sometimes you just get a square gray box with the title on it. Other times you get the regular cover (or a revised one). I wish they'd do away with the gray box and just have covers. They are postage size covers when you are looking at the shelves of your library, but when you open the book it's a full size cover (under the 7 inches that a screen is).

I do love seeing the shelves and having all the covers right there.

OTOH, it's kind of nice when reading romances and using an ereader nobody can see what you're reading. Some of those romance covers are pretty awful for both print and digital. LOL

Back to the original question, are book covers "dead"? I don't think so. Just like I don't think print books are dead. I, as well as many others, might have gone over to the digital world but not everyone has. I love that there are choices for all people out there whether it's print books or ebooks or even mystery or science fiction. With everyone having different likes and dislikes, I don't think print books will go away which means the cover isn't "dead".

As for my preference about covers - I prefer the digital books with covers. It certainly won't stop me from reading a book, though. If it sounds like a good story, I'll read it. Doesn't really matter about the cover as far as that goes. I felt the same way with print books, too.

Still, a pretty cover is nice to see (some of the cozies I read have the best covers).

So, what do you think about book covers? "Dead" or very much "Alive"?


  1. Yeah, I love my covers too :)

  2. I like CMash's suggestion that e-books should always open to the cover..then go to your last page, more like reading a 'real' book witn the e-book convience. That would be the best of both worlds, 'cause I love a nice cover.

  3. I think the covers are here for quite awhile. Some people just don't have internet yet, believe it or not, so they prefer real books to e-readers. I've been known to buy a book because I loved the cover. I have a few on my book shelves that I haven't read yet, some day I will read them to see if they are as good as the beautiful covers.

  4. I am not a fan of E Books and cannot imagine ever reading that way. I also do not base my book choices on covers, but I adore the covers and always enjoy them. As a mystery reader the covers often have clues which are fun to figure out. I do not think that books or book covers will ever be killed by E Books. To many of us prefer reading the real way. I do not read romance so I don't worry about people seeing my covers, ( totally understand !) but some of my Cozy mystery series covers are outstanding and just a joy to behold when I am reading them. The covers seem to be getting better and better of late.

  5. I love a nice book cover too. I don't have an ereader but I'm definitely drawn in by a nice book cover, even if it is one of those cheesy romance


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