Monday, June 4, 2012

Musing Mondays - Reading Goals

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This week’s musing asks…

Do you have a reading goal for the year, such as __ books? Why or why not?

My answer...

I do plan to read a certain number of books each year. I try to read 100. I haven't been successful in recent years. I used to have no problem reading at least a hundred, but I think that was before the online world came into existence and takes up alot of reading time. I tried to join many reading challenges in the hopes that it would help me get to my 100 goal, but that gets sidetracked by all the review requests I have received.

Still, I'm going to try for 100 and, if I don't get there, the world probably won't come to an end. LOL I'll just try again next year :)

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  1. I do not do challenges, I do not make a goal...they make me stressed. and reading should be fun, but stressful. ;-)

    love that kitty "puppet"

  2. I do the same thing. Have a great week.

  3. I really don't make reading goals, I find that to stressful, but, I do try to complete the challenges, but each year I say no more challenges. I'm one of these persons, that if I join a challenge, I have to complete it. I only have one more book to read to complete your animal reading challenge for this year.

    A big thank you for stopping by for a visit today.

  4. Ah yes the internet, online world, blogging community. Too much to explore not enough time. Here's my Musing

  5. It is good to have a goal, perhaps one slightly out of reach, so that you set your sights high. Great musing today!

  6. I am a speed reader, I devour books at a rate that would take most people a year. I read about 3-400 a year just on my own goal. I challenge myself to find new authors and re read classics as well as enjoy some fun mystery reading. My personal challenge is to read more every day. I read entire series of books by each author I like. I like to read series in order only from first to last. My TBR pile is every growing. yes great musing today I agree!

  7. I love reading challenges, but always forget to add them to my post and link them. I'm going to try to catch up as soon as I can, and next year not join so many.

  8. I keep up with my reading group, that's enough challenge for me!


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