Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Sunday Salon/The Sunday Post - October 13th

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Happy Sunday!

I had a busy blog week and next week looks busy too.  I have many blog tours scheduled for the next couple of months.  Sometimes I get way ahead of myself.  I have to play catch up.  Before I know it, it will be time to get all the reading challenges I'm going to host for 2014 together and posted.  Time is flying!

Anyone watch any of the new TV series this season?  I'm loving The Blacklist which stars one of my favorites - James Spader.  It's really good.  Another show I'm enjoying - Hostages with Dylan McDermott (another favorite of mine).  I'm also really enjoying the new show Sleepy Hollow.  I didn't expect to like it but I'm finding it really good.  What about you?  Are you watching anything good?

Hope you all have a great week!


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Tuesday:  Blog Tour:  Legal Ease by Lori Ryan (Guest Blog/Giveaway)

Wednesday:  Blog Tour:  Murder at the Maples by Joanne Phillips (Review/Guest Blog/Amazon and E-Book Giveaway!)

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Tuesday:  Secret Trilogy by L. Marie Adeline (Interview and Giveaway)
                Cover Reveal:  Dare to Love by Carly Phillips

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Thursday:  Spotlight: Spirit of Steamboat (A Walt Longmire Story) by Craig Johnson

What was your week like?


  1. I've been cutting back in my blog tours; I was doing too many. I enjoy them but I need a better balance on the blog.

    For new tv shows, I'm enjoying Sleepy Hollow and Witches of East End. I want to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but it's on at the same time as NCIS. I'll have to catch it On Demand.

  2. I am watching Sleepy Hollow too and it does seem promising :)

  3. I'm mixing touring some titles that are really 'fun' for me, with some indies that I wouldn't have seen. I completely understand busy!
    I've only seen one of the Sleepy Hollow - I'm more in catch up mode with Boardwalk Empire and White Queen
    ~gaele @ I am, Indeed.

  4. I'm trying to be careful not to overschedule tours; I just wouldn't be able to keep up! But they are fun. As for TV, we gave up cable to save money, so we're making do with Netflix instead.

  5. I love the new TV season, too. I watched some episodes of The Blacklist, and as much as I like James Spader, Hostages is my favorite of the two.

    My old favorites include The Good Wife.

    Enjoy your week!


  6. Watched the first episode of Sleepy Hollow and enjoyed it - need to continue with it. Also watching new seasons of NCIS, Criminal Minds and CSI (love crime shows).

    Have a great week!

    Lauren @ The Hottie Harem

  7. I am loving Sleepy Hollow too, and my old favorites as well, Enjoy your week my friend!

  8. My husband and boys have been enjoying Sleepy Hollow and Blacklist. I haven't watched them though. I'll wait until they come out on Netflix since I hate when the tv cuts out. We have a digital antennae, but it still tends to cut out at odd times and I find that extremely annoying. lol

  9. I finally gave up on year long challenges. I never keep up with them. I like Sleepy Hollow, but don't feel a real investment in it.

  10. I try to limit my book tours to one per month. Enjoy your reading, Yvonne!

  11. I don't watch much new TV anymore, but I'm enjoying Once Upon a Time on Netflix -- which isn't all that old and has new programs this season. Have a great week!

    Joy's Book Blog


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