Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Even Cat Sitters Get The Blues by Blaize Clement

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Dixie Hemingway is back and she finds herself in another sticky situation. Dixie, pet-sitter extraordinaire, gets a mysterious call from Ken Kurtz to feed and take care of his pet iguana, Ziggy. Upon Dixie’s arrival at the Kurtz house, she discovers the dead body of his guard. Instead of reporting this, Dixie flees the scene of the crime. She’s been involved in enough murders to know she wants no part of this. Of course someone sees her and she becomes the prime suspect in the murder.

When Ken Kurtz denies calling her in the first place, Dixie realizes there’s more going on here than meets the eye. After Kurtz’s nurse runs out on him, he convinces Dixie to care not only for his iguana but for him as well. He’s a very sick man, not to mention a bit of a “mad” scientist, unable to do much for himself. Dixie refuses at first, but fears Kurtz and Ziggy will die if she doesn’t make sure they are fed and cared for. So she begrudgingly agrees.

In an attempt to clear her name, as well as protect Kurtz and Ziggy, Dixie starts her own private investigation. Unfortunately, all she’s left with is a concussion and threats.

Meanwhile, Dixie finds herself attracted to two very different men. Both are good men, but she can’t put her past behind her. She still loves and remembers the husband and daughter she lost in a tragic accident. She’s not quite ready to move on with her life, but she’s trying.

This has to be the best book of the series for me. I loved it and I love Dixie. She’s a wonderful heroine who is filled with strength and determination. The plot is fast-paced and a quick read. Readers will enjoy going through Dixie’s adventure and will anxiously await her next one. I know I am.

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  1. And, the series just gets better, Yvonne. I liked Cat Sitter on a Hot Tin Roof the best so far. You have a good one to look forward to!


  2. A wholes series of books I have never heard of. I am now intrigued and will have to look them up.

  3. I am planning to read the first book in this series for the Cozy Mystery Challenge. I am glad to read that you enjoyed this one!


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