Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Salon - Stopping the Madness!

Is it Sunday already? The weekend is almost over? It can't be! I feel like it was yesterday when I wrote my last Sunday Salon :)

I had a good week of reading...I finished Murder of a Botoxed Blonde by Denise Swanson - I've said this before and I'll say it again - I absolutely love this series! It's so much fun and the characters have become like old friends. Although I love it, I decided to take a break from the series and read something else. I'm now reading Dirty Deeds by Suzanne Price. It's the second book of her "A Grime Solvers Mystery" series. Another cute cozy series that I'm enjoying. I hope to finish this book before the weekend is over. Lastly, I finished listening to the audio version of The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted by Elizabeth Berg which was a cute anthology. I'm now listening to Elizabeth Lowell's Blue Smoke and Murder, which is very good.

My topic this week is "Stopping the Madness", why - what's that all about? It's easy, I realize my book obsession has gotten out of hand. I really need to stop adding to my TBR. So, I'm banning myself from buying books (I expect this will last until Monday, but I'll give it the old college try!). Of course this doesn't include book giveaways or review books, I always accept those :)

The thing is - besides the cost - I can't even decide what to read next anymore. There's too much to choose from and too much I want to read. I'm not even a fast reader. Even if I don't completely stop buying books, I will at least cut back. Except maybe on my cozies...I so love them and they are continuing stories! I have to have them! Then there are my Harlequins and Silhouettes...well, they are small books, do those really count? Oh boy, I can see this isn't going to be easy. Is it any wonder I got into this situation in the first place?

Well, being that it's Sunday, I think I'll just rest and relax by continuing to read. I won't worry about the mountainous TBR Scarlet...I'll think about it tomorrow :)

Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. Too many books to choose from? Join the club! :) I got three books from the library today (like I needed those) and when I looked at the first few pages, I couldn't stop. I do that all of the time. I already had a book to finish! Do you have a library you can use? That doesn't help with the giant TBR pile but it does help with the cost. I've cut way back with my requests until I get caught up. Of course my piles of older books is really lonely and dusty. Oh well...

  2. Oh you are a dear! I just love cozies too. They are just so much fun to read. Good luck with your plan. Monday comes fast! :) Happy Sunday!

  3. I completely know what you mean about too many books to choose from. I have resolved several times to cut back on buying/acquiring in other ways but it never seems to happen. When it does, I find myself going to the library more often and not reading my books anyway! Somehow it's easier to read books with deadlines than choose books from among my mountain range of TBRs.

  4. I know what you mean about too many books to read. I am suffocating under a mountain of books that need to be read. I wonder will I ever read all that I have in my TBR pile!

  5. I hear you! I don't buy many books but with trips to the Library and ARCs arriving I have stacks that are growing.

  6. Wrighty - I have a great library, but there's always a deadline of when you have to read a book. That's a problem for a slow reader like me :)With my own books, I can read them whenever I want. Of course reviews have a deadline too even if they are unwritten deadlines.

    Kalea - Cozies are always a great escape for me. Monday gets here way too fast!

    Meghan - That's exactly how I feel!

    Scrap girl - I wonder if I'll live long enough to read all of these and I just know there are hidden treasures in my TBR.

    Nise' - The stacks sure do grow. The ARCs keep coming and I generally read those first so it doesn't help my TBR at all.

  7. I know what you mean, I need to stop the madness or buy a bigger house in order to fit my books! lol

  8. Naida - That's a good idea about buying a bigger house! I wonder if my husband will agree? LOL


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