Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Musings

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about your to be read list…

As a follow up to last week's question, Joseph asked how you keep track of your tbr list. Do you have a paper list or on your computer? Do you take it with you when you go shopping? How do you decide what gets added to it?

My TBR list are on my Excel spreadsheet. These are books I own and are awaiting me to read them. I don't print this list out when I go would take too many pages! What I do take with me when I go book shopping (my favorite pasttime), is a small notebook where I list everything I want to get, but don't have yet.

I make this list by going through each month's Romantic Times, reading blogs and getting both authors and publisher's advertisements in emails. I compare what I want to get with my spreadsheet (to make sure I don't already have them) and then keep my little notebook up-to-date. I cross off books as I get them. It's the best way I've found to stop myself from getting duplicates, although sometimes one gets by me - usually because when I'm in the store I'm sometimes in a rush and try to go by memory of whether or not I already have a book (not a good thing to go by my memory LOL).

This was a fun question...when you go bookshopping do you take a list? How do you choose what to get?


  1. My TBR list is also made up of books I already own. If I take it with me, it's simply to avoid duplication. Of course, I rarely do carry it around as it is, as you described yours, several pages long. :-)

    I keep a separate wish list which I do take with me--similar to your little notebook. I don't always take a list of books I want as sometimes it's just fun to browse.

  2. I will sometimes browse to, but that can be very dangerous. LOL

  3. I take a notebook with me shopping with all my books listed in that I already own. It is alphabetical, so easy to find. I usually have a fair idea of what I want and just keep an eye out for them. I tend to checke Waterstones first and then look around the charity shops, because a lot of people seem to put new books straight in there.

  4. I often stand and look at books wondering whether I've already got them - if I'm not sure I don't buy them. It doesn't always work as several times I've bought books I already own.

  5. I'm feeling pretty unorganized these days.

  6. The ones I'm most desperate to get, usually recommended by friends and bloggers, are written down on my shopping list.

  7. I have a very unorganized TBR list and am looking for ideas on how to remedy that. I usually leave a bookstore with a list of books I want rather than going in with a list of books to buy!!

  8. I could have jointed down the TBR list on notebook, but back then I didn't have handbag big enough to put in the notebook unless am jointinig it sheet of papers, which I done lot of times. I did used the Excel spreadsheet, actually it was Microsoft Word I used to keep my file of record but when my computer crashed, I had to start all over. That when I discover blog...:)

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