Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Sunday Salon - What was your week like?

So, what was my week like? I had a good one - finished three books. That's always good. I read and reviewed Jantsen's Gift by Pam Cope and Aimee Molloy (Excellent book!), Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues by Blaize Clement (Also an excellent book) and an audio book The Guy Not Taken by Jennifer Weiner (very good). All reviews are posted already. Now, I'm reading The Tyrine Cat by Inbali Iserles and loving it! I'm not sure yet what will be next for me to read. It will depend on my ever changing mood :)

Anyone watching anything good on TV lately? I've become hooked on a couple of new shows Lie To Me and Castle. Both keep me glued to the TV. Baseball season has officially begun and I'm enjoying watching games on TV, too.

It sure doesn't feel like baseball season or spring out there. Saturday we had non-stop rain. All week I've been freezing in the morning and then it warms up in the afternoon. I'm ready for sunny Spring weather.

My contests for Jantsen's Gift and The Girl Who Stopped Swimming ends this week. You still have time to enter. Both contests close on April 15th (tax day!). Just click on the covers on my sidebar to enter.

I hope you all have happy holidays whether it's Easter or Passover. Or simply have a lovely Sunday :)

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  1. Love that Kliban cat band!
    You read...a LOT!
    I finished Anita Shreve's "Light On Snow" last night. Started it yesterday afternoon and kept reading it since, we too, had cold rain all day.

  2. Have had a lovely chocolate holiday here :)

    Happy Sunday and I just gave you another award :D


  3. Gal Friday - Reading is my favorite thing to do :) I have "Light On Snow" and will get to it someday, it sounds great.

    Blodeuedd - Thank you so much!

  4. I read and enjoyed Jantsen's Gift as well. And since I'm posting my giveaway tomorrow, anyone who doesn't win on yours can come and enter mine. :-)

  5. Happy Easter! I hope that you have a wonderful day! I haven't heard of either of those tv shows. I mostly watch reality tv (The Biggest Loser, and America's Next Top Model). I also enjoy watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager on ABC Family, but the season finished a few weeks ago. I'm a sucker for good family shows (although this one has content not appropriate for young kids, so I have to watch it in a different room from my boys).

  6. Happy Easter, enjoy your weekend ;O)
    I've been hooked on LOST since day one. I also like Celebrity Apprentice.

  7. I've been enjoying Castle too. I wasn't sure I would but it's hard to resist Nathan Fillion. :-)

    I hope you are having a good week!


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