Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday

What am I waiting for this week? That's easy! It's a cat cozy mystery for me - my favorite type of book!

This one is "The Cat, the Quilt, and the Corpse" by Leann Sweeney. It's the first book in her "Cats in Trouble" series. That's right up my ally. If any of you didn't know, I love cats. LOL The book will be released on May 5th. Only one week to go!

This is a blurb about the book from Leann's website...

Recently widowed Jillian Hart is rebuilding a life for herself and her three beloved cats--Chablis, Syrah and Merlot--as a quilter in a small South Carolina town. The quilts she makes are for cats as smart, special, and sweet as her own, and business is thriving.

But when she returns from an overnight quilting show, she discovers Chablis sneezing--and since Chablis is allergic to humans, that can only mean one thing: Someone has broken into her house. When she realizes her Abyssinian Syrah is missing, Jillian suspects catnapping.

Spurred by Chablis and Merlot's mournful meowing, she investigates--and discovers more missing cats and a murder. Now she's got to save more than one cat in trouble--not to mention herself.

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  1. I am looking forward to reading this one too, Yvonne. :-)

  2. Sounds really good and i love cats.. I'll be keeping an eye on this one too :)

    I've tagged you with a meme if you would like to play along check it here..

    if not that's ok :)

  3. You really have got me interested in these cosy mysteries - what would you recommend as a first one to read?

  4. Wow this one looks unique!
    Great pick! Mine is up here at The Burton Review.

  5. I love cats too and I think this is going to be a cute story!

  6. I need to read one of these cozy mysteries one day. this one sounds good :)

  7. I've enjoyed this author before, and this one sounds like fun. I've added it to my list!

  8. I got this book today because it's Leann Sweeney's newest. When I got home, I read the description, then checked the pub date - May, 2009. No other date. Curios, I started it thinking I was wrong. But nope. I've read this book before. A few years ago, in fact. Wonder what's up.


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