Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Night at the Movies or TV Screen

Besides reading, I love TV and movies. So, I decided to start my own Saturday meme dedicated to TV and/or movies. Every Saturday I'll talk about a TV show or movie that I enjoyed during the past week or maybe one that I'm looking forward to in the coming week. If anyone would like to participate, please feel free. You can use the button above and comment here with the link to your post. There are no rules, it's more about sharing what we watch on TV or movies (DVDs, too!).

I'm starting off with Fox's TV show Fringe. It started this season, 2008-2009, and just returned two weeks ago after being on hiatus for a couple of months. I really love this show. It reminds me quite a bit of The X-Files. If you haven't seen it, this is the cast...

Anna Torv stars as Olivia. A police officer whose cases always involve some type of paranormal case. John Noble plays Walter. A very smart scientist/doctor who helps her solve cases. Joshua Jackson plays Peter, his son. We've seen some sexual tension between Olivia and Peter, although right now he seems to be dating her sister. Then, there's the relationship between Walter and Peter. Peter is frequently annoyed by his father, but you just know they love each other.

This week's episode was about a man-made creature that attacks humans. Once it stings a human, the monster releases it's eggs into the human and they grow inside. Talk about the "ick" factor! It's frequently seen in this show. So, I advise you not to eat while watching :)

The hour goes really fast and there are very few commercial interruptions. The cast really gels together very well - none of that stiffness or awkwardness that comes with a brand new show trying to find itself. It looks like Fox has found a winner with this show!

What did you watch this week?


  1. I really like Fringe, too. I've always liked the relationship between Peter and Walter. Olivia's character took some time to grow on me - I thought she was kind of 'blah' at first. This week's episode was good - but those larvae were really gross!

  2. Weren't they gross? I hate any kind of bug or insect in the first place, but when they opened that dead body and they all came swarming out....yuck!

    I agree about did take time to get used to them, but she reminds me so much of Gillian Anderson's Scully. I kind of thought she was a bit...not blah, but maybe deadpan or low key.

    Peter and Walter crack me up. They are just fun and the comments they make to each other are perfect.

  3. I enjoy Fringe's one of a very few tv shows that my boyfriend and I enjoy watching together


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