Saturday, December 24, 2022

Review: The Sneaky Seashore Slayer by Audrey Clementine

About the Book

Cozy Mystery


Scorcher Press

Release Date
April 29, 2022

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Misty Milton didn’t plan on rescuing kittens, 'borrowing' a vintage Mustang for a 1,700 mile road trip or befriending a faded rock star.

And she certainly didn’t plan on being accused of murder...

Misty needs a new start.

Fresh out of a break-up from her cat-hating husband of 25 years, she journeys from Kansas to the small beach town of Quinn, California with the hope of a new beginning.

A cute little chilled-out beach town.

The perfect place to raise her fur-babies, and start the gourmet cat food business she dreamed of.

But it seems someone in Quinn doesn’t like outsiders…

And when one of her wealthy clients is murdered, Misty finds herself framed for the crime.

With the help of her feline sidekicks, she must find the culprit and prove her innocence.

Or they’ll be next on the killer’s list…

My Review

Misty Milton has had enough of her life in Kansas with an abusive husband.  She makes the decision to finally leave him.  She takes their vintage Mustang car, rescues two kittens and heads to the small town of Quinn, California.

Starting over isn’t easy, but Misty is determined to make it work.  She starts her own gourmet pet food business and quickly finds her client list is growing.  Then, tragedy strikes.  One of her clients is murdered and she’s the prime suspect.

Misty fights for her freedom, as well as her new business.  Fortunately, her new kitties are great judges of character and help her discover the bad guys.

This is a prequel to a fun cat cozy mystery.  I’ve seen this series around and have wanted to read it.  I figured the prequel is a good way to decide if I like the series.  I do!  In fact, I loved it.

Misty is a strong character, but at the same time she’s willing to accept help when needed.  She’s surrounded by a supportive cast and the setting is perfect.  

It’s a fast-paced novella that kept me guessing.  I didn’t figure things out until Misty did.  I can already see this is a series I’m going to love.  How can it miss with two adorable kitties?

Disclosure:  I received a free ebook through the author’s promotion.  I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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