Saturday, July 17, 2010

Executive Retention by Maria E. Schneider

Bear Mountain Books
June, 2010

Genre: Mystery, Cozy

Sedona O’Hala returns for another exciting mystery as she finds herself in danger of losing her job at Strandfrost. When Steve Huntington offers her a chance to assist him in another corporate mystery, she hesitates but agrees to help him by going undercover at Acetel - a company with quite a bit of business but not much money to show for it. Sedona’s job is to find out where all the money is going.

In the midst of everything, her sister-in-law is about to have a baby and desperately needs Sedona’s advice on how to handle her boss. Not to mention that Sedona finds herself quite attracted to Steve, as well as his brother Mark. Things get pretty dicey as she can’t distinguish the good guys from the bad guys.

This story has it all – mystery, twists, and even a dash of romance. This is the second book in the Sedona O’Hala Mysteries. The first was Executive Lunch, which I also enjoyed very much. This book develops the characters even more. Maria E. Schneider is well on her way to becoming a favorite author with her creative, clever and quirky stories and characters.

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Executive Retention


  1. I can't wait to read this newest Sedona O'Hala book. I just finished Executive Lunch and LOVED it!

  2. Maria Schneider definitely
    has a way with words.
    I have read her stories, knowing exactly what I was getting into.
    In "Executive Lunch"
    and "Executive Retention."
    A great plot, with a woman who can
    think on her feet.
    Maria's books just keep getting
    better and better.
    Sedona gives us women a huge push
    in competing in a "man's world".
    She has class, brains, and a little bit of unpredictability.
    I like it!

  3. I haven't heard of these before but they sure sound good. Yet more books added to my wishlist. lol.

  4. I haven't read--or heard about--these books before, either. I will keep this one in mind; it seems as if people love this author's work. :)


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