Saturday, July 10, 2010

Men and Dogs by Katie Crouch

Genre: Fiction
Format: Audio

During the spring of 1985 Dr. Buzz Legare went on a fishing trip with his dog in the Charleston, South Carolina harbor. Later, Buzz was missing and only the dog was found in the fishing boat. Buzz was presumed dead, but no body had ever been found.

Hannah was only 11 when her father disappeared, but she never believed he was dead. She was sure he was alive and when she reached 35, she was obsessed with proving her theory. By now she was married, but she has totally messed that up by drinking and cheating on her husband. However, she could not get her father out of her mind. She did everything she could to prove he was alive, but each time she came up empty handed.

Her mother, step-father and brother all try to convince her to let go and that Buzz was truly dead, but Hannah insists on digging through the past. A past they all believe is best left behind.

I listened to this in the car and it was an interesting read. It held my attention and I found myself caught up in Hannah’s search for her father and the lives of everyone in her family. I have Katie Crouch’s Girls in Trucks in my TBR and eventually I will get to it. If it’s anything like this book, it will be a page turner.


  1. Sounds like she is messing up her life, for her sake I hope he is alive

  2. I agree with you. I also listened to the audio version. Great cover art though :)


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